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What is a Very Insightful Person?

Very Insightful Persons (VIPs) are Community members who are recognised for their participation, contribution and general awesomeness on the forum boards.

Introducing our 21/22 VIPs

What does a VIP do?

Generally, they do the same as everyone else – use their knowhow and insight to try and help others. They are just really good at it and we want to recognise their contribution. They lend a hand where they can, but don't work for Virgin Media - we recommend that you use your best judgement before following advice posted by our VIPs. There is a lot of good advice but it might not always be right for your situation.

And can I be one too?

The way it works is we invite members to be VIPs after they’ve been noticed and nominated, either by other VIP's, or by our forum team. There’s no application process as such. Just stick around and be yourself.

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