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Best wait 2 or 3 days to get an answer from a VM staff member.
SpoilerMar 20 12:55:29 linkcheck[629]: linkcheck[629]: linkcheck.launch_speedtest(): launching speedtestMar 20 12:55:29 linkcheck[629]: linkcheck[629]: linkcheck.run_speedtest(): using [if!eth9] as source_interface for speedtestMar 20 12:55:30 linkch...
Even if a device has a static address in it there is still a flow of DHCP requests.Feb 12 17:25:07 dnsmasq-dhcp[5220]: DHCPDISCOVER(br0) **:**:**:**:**:**Feb 12 17:25:08 dnsmasq-dhcp[5220]: DHCPACK(br0) **:**:**:**:**:** device-nameIf th...
2022-12-09 20:49:18Afacebook.comcpc*******-enfi**-*-* -cust***.**-*.cable.virginm.netOK (answered by localhost#5053 I don’t understand why my WAN name should be doing a DNS request for Facebook.com and get recorded in the Pi-Hole log.Anybody have any...