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Phone not ringing

Hi, I had my virgin services installed yesterday and I've found that my phone isn't working completely. I can make calls fine, but I'm not receiving all calls. My son can ring my landline from his landline, but it doesn't ring when he tries from his ...

Rabbit51 by Just joined
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Getting a 2nd v6 box after 2 years

2 years ago I got rid of the 2nd V6 box in my bedroom but I want to get another one , I've seen the 360 box but I don’t want to delete all the recordings on the v6 box downstairs. Any ideas what I should do? Thanks 

jtfab75 by On our wavelength
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Can I cancel my O2 SIM after a Volt deal?

My broadband package was coming to an end so I did the usual call and threaten to cancel dance, but was offered 1Gb for £30 a month. It's £24 per month on my Virgin contract, and they signed me up for O2 SIM for £6 a month under a separate contract. ...

vikramka by Just joined
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ntlworld email problem on phone but ok on PC

Hi  I hope someone could help me please.I have 2 NTLworld email addresses but they have stopped working, they are asking for my password but it says its incorrect so I try to reset the password and then it says on both e-mails that they don not exist...

Latest Phishing News 20/06/2024

Latest Phishing News 20/06/2024 We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response   Email 1He...

Int-Sec by Moderator
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Disconnects and High Latency on 2gb/2gb

Hi, 4 weeks ago had virgin installed on the new 2gb/2gb package.  However, although for the most part the connection is epic the problem is with gaming.  This happens on both wifi and 2.5gb ethernet connection (yes the motherboard is 2.5gb compatible...

Windows Live Mail 2011 unable to login to VM imap server

For about the last week I have suddenly been unable to use Windows Live Mail, getting the following response:The server rejected your login.  Please verify that your username and password are correct. AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed. Conf...

Emails on iPhone unable to send again

I have an old blueyonder email and last week suddenly I was unable to send emails with message which kept asking me to add in password (which had never been changed). After several days without email, then having to set up main virgin account with al...

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How to watch this year's UEFA finals

The final stages of the European football season are up on us and you can watch all three UEFA finals for no extra cost with Virgin TV.  There may be no British involvement this year, but there are st...