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Web Safe turned off but still blocking access

Me and my partner have recently moved house and the Web Safe setting seems to have been re enabled. I have tried deactivating and reactivating it multiple times over the last few weeks to no avail.Its a little frustrating as i cant even access websit...

Rusc by Just joined
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Match frame rate on or off?

Very simple question to some, and hopefully a simple answer. My tv, as is the case with a lot of modern tvs runs at 60hz I’m led to believe not 120hz as the high end ones do, so the frame rate pull down(?) doesn’t full mask the judder I’m led to beli...

LM001 by Tuning in
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Telegram being blocked

Bit of a weird one this, but as the title says telegram appears to be blocked on my connection.Around 9pm last night telegram stopped updating chats and was stuck connecting on both mobile and desktop apps.Netstat and my firewall show syn_sent but no...

MrJG08 by On our wavelength
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Locked channels?

I recorded some shows a couple of years ago from what was then the SYFY channel, and I believe the channel was changed a while back to Sky sci-fi HD. Now when I try to place those recordings they don’t play. A message comes up saying “this show is fr...

Karla1 by Joining in
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VOLT Virgin + O2 - Can I just cancel the O2 SIM?

So recently just done the dance with Virgin Media and they offered me 1gb for £35pm + £5pm O2 SIMGoing through the process took nearly 2hrs over web chat (couldn't actually find the option when phoning up!) & they kept offering me more expensive deal...

pragg by Just joined
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HUB 4 UI unresponsive

I’m unable to view any of the uk pages after logging into my Hub 4, I get the login page and once logged in I just get a white page and a browser message advising the page is unresponsive, tried rebooting the hub 4 and tried with several browsers to ...

tigre64 by Joining in
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Home Hub 3 - network problems

Hi AllBeen having odd network performance for a few months with a home hub 3. Have reset it a few times but no change. Sonos speakers keep dropping off the network, no sound sonos app can't find them. They come back on, can be a few times a day or no...

Tado not working on HUB 5

I am having the exact same issue as some other posts on here. Having switched to VM recently. Having switched to VM recently. My heating system which is less than a year old no longer working due to not being able to connect to the internet..Luckily ...

Eggytel by Joining in
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Cancelling my cancellation

I cancelled with VM and then changed my mind less than an hour later.  When. I called VM, they said they couldn’t cancel the cancellation.  What sort of customer service is this?  I have been with VM since the blueyonder days, and the customer servic...

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