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Direct debit fraud

Hi I've had £73 taken from my bank today. I'm not a virgin customer for many years. I believe this is a fraudulent direct debit and need this looked into

Resolved! Help delete ntlworld email account

Hi.Please help me to delete an old ntlworld email account. I am no longer a VM account holder as I moved house, and expected the ntlworld address to stop working after 90 days, but it still keeps going 30 months later. There is a lot of spam and othe...

Help deleting old account

I have an old account that I no longer have any of the details for but am aware it is still activity even through we were told it would be closed. How do I get it removed

rlk by Joining in
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Latest Phishing News 14/06/2024

Latest Phishing News 14/06/2024 We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response Email 1 Vir...

Int-Sec by Moderator
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Cannot find disable child safe setting

I am a new Virgin Media customer and I am trying to disable child controls for my account so I can access adult content on my devices.There are numerous other posts on this forum on the matter which point to the Parental Control and Essential Securit...

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Problem with virgin virus safe blocking our site.

Hi there, I’ve seen a few other posts like this, I hope someone can help. We have a website we got targeted by some malicious code a while ago and though it’s all now resolved, the website still seems to be blocked on virgin i...

Websafe child filter

Hi,has the issue with Websafe and child filter not working been resolved yet? My filter is not working and my children could be exposed.

acascini by Joining in
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Memorable word

Hi,I need to know my memorable word, I don’t even remember setting one up. I need to talk to an agent asapthanks

Kim25 by Joining in
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