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Repost - how to contact Ofcom

Tuning in

I am reposting this (16/03/24) for anyone who, like me, is having difficulty in communicating with VM.  the more people who respond the better.  it's very easy - just click the link

Ofcom has today opened an own-initiative investigation into Virgin Media’s compliance with its contract termination and complaints handling/facilitating appropriate access to ADR obligations during 2022/23, following complaints received from consumers.

You can help Ofcom in its investigation by letting them know all about your cancellation experience with VM here.

None of this will come as a huge surprise to those who have battled with offshore CS, endless retention conversations, abrupt call terminations, and the extraordinary expediency of being required to resort to snail mail to beg for a cancellation.


Tuning in

Thanks Mary 


I cancelled my services, got in touch via a live chat have notice,  got a termination date and my service was disconnected on the agreed date.