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Virgin's inflexibility with pricing for loyal customers

I've been with VM for around 20 years, and every contract renewal have a similar conversation about pricing for existing customers and why they continue to penalise me over new customers.This year I wanted to drop my landline (it's not a landline any...

rogersbuk by On our wavelength
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Replacement screws

I've had a box placed in a new room and the screws are missing that attach the front of the box to the backplate. Not sure if they were missing from the start, or if they were removed during recent painting.Any idea how I could get replacements, or w...

Resolved! Update your browser! A zero day threat has been discovered on Chromium based browsers (Edge, Chrome etc).  Go...

Block Snapchat Spotlight?

Hi,My young son has snapchat on his phone to keep in touch with his friends, but yesterday he asked me how to turn off Spotlight as it's very distracting. Spotlight is a tiktok/reels-like infinite video feed that was added to Snapchat.There isn't any...

Customer Services Email Contact

Can someone please provide a email contact for customer services. Whats the point is sending out letters with no contact details to prevent you replying?

flyal4 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! upgrades - how long for change to complete?

When you change plan ie 260 to 350 how long does it take virgin do the change and is it automatic ie you don't have to interfere with the hub     [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

CJ38 by Tuning in
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