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Remote Reboot

On our wavelength


We’ve been having some trouble with VM Broadband recently where it has stopped working and the only thing that seems to resolve the issue is turning the router off and then on again.

I’m away from home at the moment and the internet has dropped again. When I check the service status page, it says “Looks like we need to reset the hub”.

Does doing this reset the hub to factory settings? As I have changed the wifi password from the default and it wouldn’t help in this situation to link everything up again.

If that is the case, is there a way to remotely just reboot the hub instead of resetting?




A RESET does revert the Hub to Router mode with the factory password settings and rolls the firmware back too.

In a similar situation a simple 24 Hour timer with a 15mins OFF period at say 5am has been used
to power cycle a piece of kit.   But this not a fix & the situation may get much worse.

However, VM Hubs should not need to be regularly power cycled, ours runs for months without being touched.

Are you quite sure that there is not some other matter that should be addressed such as a line fault,
or perhaps it is a Hub 4 that has a failed admin menu & needs to be replaced.

On our wavelength

I have been thinking that when we are back we’ll ask for a new router - we still have a hub 3, and I think VM are on Hub 5 now?


We have a Hub 3 too.  We do not use the VM Connect app ( do not have it installed ) because it does what
we will not accept i.e. tinkers with the Hub settings.  

Do be fully aware of the various issues with a Hub 5 before pressing for that.

On our wavelength

Hmm yeah fair enough… I have read some things about the Hub 5…

I’ve also read that the Hub3 can work better in modem-only mode - I have an ASUS router I could use in conjunction, so might try that too…


Our Hub 3 is in Router mode, it has not been restarted in over 2 months,
and that was due to 5 hour planned power outage.

Folks often point at the VM Hub as needing rebooting, when it is a Windows computer that is the problem and needs Shutdown >>> Restart or Television that needs to be fully power cycled and not doing these steps means the problem persists.

Hi MarkyUK,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you've had some issues with your connection. 

Let us know when you get home if you're still having issues, and we can pop you over a private message to get a few more details from you.