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V6 box no info available on all epg

Over the last week I've noticed some channels in the guide showing "no info available". Since yesterday, all the channels are now showing "no info available". I've switched everything off and on but nothing changes.Catch-up and on demand are not work...

Virgin Go app stepped Woking on my iPad

The Virgin Go app has suddenly stopped working on my iPad.  It was working fine up until yesterday now when I open it up and select a channel, I get different error messages, sometimes I get the pop up telling me to register my device (which I’ve tri...

Rag19 by Tuning in
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No +1 option

We recently received a new updated remote. When on a particular channel which we know usually have a plus 1 , we no longer have the option to press the yellow button to go to plus one and it doesn't show on the screen either that there is a plus one ...

Adrian53 by Joining in
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I Like 360

I know I'm in the minority; however I actually like the new software.I think it's great that itintegrates with BBC i player and other apps.The profiles are superVoice command is amazingwatch from start option - greatcontinue watching is helpful (was ...

45RPM by On our wavelength
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Move virgin box to another room

Good afternoon.  Please could you send me a link to arrange this same service?  I have been unable to find a way to arrange this through the Customer Services number.

New Splitter needed

Both my TV's keep pixilating, but I've found if I unplug the splitter from the mains for 30 seconds and plug it back in it clears the fault for a couple of days. Think I need a new one. Can Virgin just send one out? I can fit it myself. Or do I need ...

Resolved! v6 box hung on starting up message - flashing light

My v6 box has hung on the "Starting Up" message. The light on the on button is also flashing. I've tried rebooting a number of times, etc. Its been taking longer and longer to start up for some time now, however we also had a power cut on Friday so I...

Bilco62 by Tuning in
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