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Got the hub 5 and I’m disappointed

I used to be fine with my hub 3 in my room and now with the hub 5 the latency is insane. I can’t even play games on my console without it lagging every second. I have full bars I don’t know if this is a recently new hub problem or what.

Resolved! Password

I have tried many times to input a password to set up the app ,every one rejected, anyone got round this?

Stuweb by Joining in
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Resolved! 360 power supply issue

Hello I recently upgraded to hub 5 and made a slight mistake,when I returned my superhub 4 I accidentally sent back my virgin TV 360 power supply instead ,as you are probably aware the superhub 4 cable doesn't fit the 360 box so I'm left with no powe...

Subra87 by Joining in
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Resolved! BT sport not working

BT Sports suddenly stopped last night near the end of the football. Since then it's just displaying an advert for next weeks West Ham match! No joy from BT sport they say speak to virgin which I've been unable to do

cojo150 by Tuning in
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Resolved! 360 box noise

Hi. After many years of untroubled TiVo use, I accepted the offer of a free upgrade to the 360 box. However, there is an intrusive fan noise whenever the 360 box is in use. Surely that’s not right? TiVo was totally silent. It’s very irritating and I’...

Jse2003 by Just joined
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UEFA Europa League final available free tonight

BT Sports coverage of the UEFA Europa League final between Sevilla & Roma will be available free to all customers tonight.A pop-up version of BT Sports 1 HD has now arrived on channel 524.The channel remains on the EPG for the UEFA Conference League ...

nodrogd by Very Insightful Person
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Virgin TV Go, Firefox/Chrome

Why is it Virgin TV Go never works??It constantly either tells you sorry you have to replace your device or says 'Not available - sorry, we can't play this at the moment'. In the meantime, BBC-ITV-Channel 4-Channel 5-Britbox-Netflix-Prime Video and a...

robertfb by Just joined
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Box sometimes crashes on start up

HelloI've had an issue for a while and can't seem to find any other similar reports. When switching on, the light goes from red to white but then sometimes nothing happens. If I leave it for 5 minutes, eventually the light goes amber and it goes thro...

Managing Devices Sky Sports App

When I try to replace a device for tv on the go - I constantly get a “sorry - we can’t register your device at the moment “ message. I’ve recently got a new iPhone and iPad but it won’t let me delete them.Virgin Media - can you help please ?


Hi got a new one package containing Netflix but already have an account that I pay for each month how do I cancel my paid for account and get my free account with my package haven’t had any link yet or code sent to me but does show upcoming free acco...

Davymill by Just joined
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