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series link split in to multiple recordings?

recorded ufc last night, it's on a series link and the single recording has been split in to 3? I do remember I turned the box in to standby a few times, would this cause the recording to split up? 

Thomas83 by On our wavelength
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Remote not working - Stuck on one channel

Is anyone else TV still stuck on the one channel and the remote is not working to change it?the remote is still working is it’s controlling the volume etc but can’t change any channels?

orrs by Joining in
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Resolved! 360 box not playing recordings

I have two Tivo boxes converted to 360. The second box is used by my elderly mum. Every day now for the past four or five days when she starts to go and watch something she has recorded, it will not play any recordings she just gets a spinning wheel....

Marco68 by On our wavelength
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V6: Increased Pixellation as time goes by

Been having this issue for a while (months) but don't watch much traditional TV anymore  - just F1, Catfish, Sky News really - so have been tolerating it. Streaming is fine.We start watching something, then slowly but surely over the next 20 mins, mo...

Poor 4k quality on Stream box

Hi all,Anyone notice that picture quality on all channels including UHD channels is noticeably worse on 4K TVs when HDMI mode is set to 4k? Even the menus look much softer with a distinct lack of sharpness. When I switch HDMI mode in the Stream box t...

BBC iplayer

I usually watch this using my Samsung app, but it's starting throwing me out. When I tried the version on my 360 all I get is a blank screen. Has the bbc been mucking about with the app? Anyone else having similar problems? 

TV picture intermittent breaking up

Tried watching Sky Arts over the last couple of evenings and noticed intermittent break up of the TV picture, particularly bad on Friday between 8pm and 9pm. I have two TV360 boxes and the problem could be seen on both boxes so do not think that it i...

5string by Tuning in
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TNT sport

Evening having just read Virgin and TNT sport are arguing over costs if TNT sports do cut ties with Virgin will the additional charge for TNT be removed automatically or do i have to sort out ?

Greggy by On our wavelength
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Chromebook Plus

Can i watch Sky TV on the Sky Now application as Sky doesn't support the Chromebook system and i am looking at how i can watch Sky sports on my Chromebook plus any ideas much appreciated  RegardsBrucie   

Brucie by On our wavelength
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