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Virgin TV Go not playing recordings

I am getting upset and fed up that all of a sudden some of my recordings will not play on either my iPad or iPhone! They are all on the same network and it had been working fine but for a few hiccups. This though has greatly impacted me. I’m a disabl...

Giova47 by On our wavelength
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Can't access any channels through TV Go

A number of posters have commented on issues with Virgin TV Go and problems watching live TV, including premium sports channels. I have the same issue but haven't seen a resolution in the previous posts I have read. I use TV Go when away on holiday, ...

Second VM wall socket for second VM TV box

Hello,I couldn't find that this exact query had been answered anywhere else, apologies if I've missed it. I have ordered, and just received, a second V6 box to go in an upstairs TV room at the back of the house. The first V6 box is in the living room...

stozz20 by Tuning in
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Any future plans for multiroom stream?

Hi there I just took out services again with virgin im in a XGS-PON area so no coax. I took a stream box with my package and as I understand it its 1 per household. The question is does anyone know if there's any future plans to change this. Surely t...

Drefsab by On our wavelength
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Virgin tv 360 box disconnecting from WiFi

HiMy Virgin tv 360 box keeps disconnecting from WiFi lately never been an issue before. It will connect 20 mins after coming out of standby and the disconnect again. I have used the connect app and says great connection from the room it is in.It’s be...

Ongman84 by Joining in
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Faults with 11 year old Tivo Box

I have intermittant faults with 11 year old Box. I have spent many hours on VM website getting nowhere and going round in circles. This is not helped by not being able to log in to my E mails or account etc, as my unhanged password is not accepted. A...

johnstars by On our wavelength
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Netflix won’t load

Hi Alex, can we please get an update on this? I am having the same issue and this has been present for a few days now. This appears to be a Virgin Media problem as all other ISPs I have access to are working just fine.

C4mb0000 by Joining in
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