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Hub 5

HiI have 1Gb package and still don’t have a hub 5.How do I get one please?TIA

Broadband and Volt with O2 Business Sim

I have recently had virgin media broadband installed ( personal ), but have an O2 business sim ( smallbiz ).Is it possible to still unlock the Volt benefits when using a business sim,  or do both sim and broadband need to be same ( ie personal or bus...

jpgrace by Just joined
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Volt speed boost to 1 gig not applied

Hi I moved house one year ago and signed up for a new Virgin package M500 broadband as part of the move. I also have o2 monthly phone. I can see the volt benefits are showing as applied in my o2 account and Virgin account however I have not had the s...

Cancelling the O2 part of Volt

My O2 account shows as end of contract.What happens to my Virgin services if I cancel the O2 sim / account?Apparently I am one of the lucky few who has the wifi pods. I assume these would be returned.The bill just refers to Mega Volt Bundle and Volt ...

notdodgy by Up to speed
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Which! Virgin worse customer service!!!

Time to pull your finger out - still waiting for pod issues to be resolved - was expecting a call as faults in my area?? https://www.which.co.uk/news/article/virgin-media-named-worst-major-broadband-provider-for-customer-service-aQwVk5g0Tdc4

TF1909 by Dialled in
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Existing O2 customer trying to use Volt

I am an existing O2 customer and I am trying to order the boosters which I am liable to under the Volt package. My WiFi hub only gives strong signal to 50% of my home and so I’d really like to order one if not two boosters. I have been unable to spea...

So I have ftth but not seeing 2gig option.

So I have ftth it was installed just before the hub5x was deployed. I was told to request one when they come out as I am on the ftth networkCheers Tom. 

Volt speed boost

Our mobile numbers were transferred to 02 last year, we got the Volt double data benefits for the phones but never received the speed boost for our broadband. We have been clicking on links on both O2 & VM left right and centre and getting absolutely...

janeej by Joining in
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New customer Volt problem

Hi.Sorry to make my first post here a complaint. Im a new Virgin Media FTTP and O2 bundled customer. I signed up to FTTP VM250 and O2 sim with Volt benefits. Im getting passed from pillar to post by O2 and VM about not having Volt benefits (double da...

Volt uplift applied to O2 data but not Virgin broadband

Hi,About a month a go, I made the switch to O2 from another mobile provider. Shortly after making the switch, I requested Volt be applied to O2 and Virgin packages and within a few days my O2 data had been boosted.However, I have not seen the same up...

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