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Cannot log into website

Tuning in

Ditto another NTLWorld refugee.

I changed the username and password when I requested to. Pretty daft given it was secure, but I did save the email address off given it was merely a relay. Both address and password saved off to my password manager.

Now whichever email I use, Virgin does not know it. I tried resetting the password, but it doesn't know the email.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Latedev

Thanks for your post, welcome back to the Community Forums!

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your account. To clarify, are you trying to access your My Virgin Media account or email account? Were you requested to add a non-Virgin email address as per our generate app password process? 

If so, you'll then need to access your email account with your newly linked email address through the My Virgin Media portal. If you're having issues signing in, you'll need to reset the password through your primary My Virgin Media account.


Tuning in

Thanks I rang up and got this sorted eventually, with the operator resetting the third party email address.

I still have no idea why I need to use another email address to access my email address?

All sorted.

If you private messaged me, I inadvertently deleted all messages when I was trying to delete just one old message.

Hi @Latedev 👋.

Thanks for the update on this, with Legacy emails such as Blueyonder, NTLWorld, etc, given their age and changes in security and GDPR they are prone to be seen as emails that have been "left" by their owners and used for potential spam, cloning, virus delivery and more, due to this we have asked customers who wish to continue to use this to have a secondary back up that is a provided by an email domain  such as Gmail, Outlook etc as not only to recover access but to ensure its security of your email address. 

I hope this helps.