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Delete subscription add on

Anyone know how to delete subscriptions that have been stuck at "adding" for ages. Wanted to watch some stuff so was adding them on but with the delay no point now? Box does not let me remove and the webpage for the subscriptions does not work. 

Dave HD on Stream

According to the Virgin Media website and Channel Guide for Stream, the only way to watch Dave HD is to subscribe to the Essential Entertainment pack:

VMViewer by Fibre optic
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Sky Crime Channel Frozen

As subject: screen frozen onSky Crime for a couple of days now on VM Stream, also frozen on TV Go App. No other channel frozen as far as I am aware.PS have turned off stream box and reset stream box to no avail.

kettle by Fibre optic
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Netflix Activation

I need a reactivation code for Netflix. I am seeing a message to Add Payment when trying access Netflix since today. I recently had a bereavement in the family and had to change account holder but have not received a new email to activate.It has the ...

Home screen - live tv preview appeared

How can i turn this off? If i go to the home screen i go there to get away from the live tv not having it blasting over the menu whilst i find the app etc im looking for.If its a new feature then it should certainly have an option to turn it off. Als...

leemacca25 by On our wavelength
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My review of Stream

Hello,Just an update on my original post. I’ve had Stream for a few days now, so I’ve had a chance to give it a test drive.For background, I have an Apple TV 4K box and have been happily streaming with this for a while now. Last year I also had Sky S...

fibrejay by Joining in
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Stream box isnt working at all!

HeyMy stream box has suddenly decided to stop working!No idea what's happened to it was watching eastenders one minute the next it's off no lights showing. Tried unplugging it and leaving it for 10 mins still the same. Checked all the wires were plug...