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Unable To Start Stream Box

Hi, I have tried all the troubleshooting tips, full reset, etc, and it just will not start.It is connected to my router with the hub in modem mode.It used to work, then one day, I turn off the power, and it cannot get past the advanced setup screen y...

CS2017 code

I've just had all my channels go off on my stream box and a channel failed message come up with a prompt to phone them is this likely to be a quick fix or am I going to have to spend hours on the phone and several engineer visits to solve the problem...

Kenny141 by Joining in
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Resolved! TNT sport price query

HiI just added TNT sports which showed as only £5 extra per month (£18 a month with a £13 discount) but now added, the email confirmation says it is £16.20 per month?Has anyone else had this happen? I don't fancy paying that much for it.Thanks,

jlbj1994 by Tuning in
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Netflix - trying to add

Hi, Virgin Stream, trying to add Netflix, already had an Netflix account previously but then added it to my Sky account. I’ve since cancelled Sky, and thought I’d add it to my Stream. Just says “Adding” all the time on the apps. On the website it say...


Hi. I have read that I should receive details of how to log into Netflix within 2 days of this being added?  A hell of a long story over my subscription but I simply just won't go there! Been a month so far and not received any info. Anyone have any ...

Tookadum by Joining in
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Netflix again

I started my Netflix membership via VM last Tuesday and then Netflix cancelled on Saturday. Impossible to restart membership as it says I cannot redeem my VM offer. Hopefully somebody can help me on here. It was £10.99 and VM will credit me £10.99 pe...

scash5 by Tuning in
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Poor 4k quality on Stream box

Hi all,Anyone notice that picture quality on all channels including UHD channels is noticeably worse on 4K TVs when HDMI mode is set to 4k? Even the menus look much softer with a distinct lack of sharpness. When I switch HDMI mode in the Stream box t...

Stream sign-up issues

Hi, hopefully someone can help. I have broadband only internet from VM (no TV) and wanted to get a stream box for £35 activation fee as all the advertising seems to imply.My gf tried to do this today over live chat and was told it was an extra £4 a m...

Nick262 by Joining in
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