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Stream FAQs

STREAM FAQs: What is Stream?Stream is our new TV product providing a subscription-based streaming service. It's a flexible offering, allowing you to choose and manage your subscriptions yourself and not be bound to a minimum contract term for TV serv...

Zach_R by Forum Team
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Had Virgin broadband installed on Thursday and bought a little streaming box but after following instructions and trying to fix it with help info keep getting the cs1001 error about account issues. Can someone log in and fix it for me?

Resolved! TNT sport price query

HiI just added TNT sports which showed as only £5 extra per month (£18 a month with a £13 discount) but now added, the email confirmation says it is £16.20 per month?Has anyone else had this happen? I don't fancy paying that much for it.Thanks,

jlbj1994 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Can I add my existing Netflix account to Stream?

I have the Stream box and that seems to be working ok.I have a subscription with Netflix (Standard + one additional user) that I want to access from the Stream box.I don't want Premium Netflix and want to retain the extra user (my son who lives at an...

G7ivp by On our wavelength
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Flasing black screen Disney+

Hi, new to Virgin and have the stream Box. Any ideas why when we put a film on Disney+ through the apps the image keeps flicking to a Black screen and then back to the film.  Thought it may have been the TV resolution so bought a new TV today and the...

dcopping by Joining in
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Subscriptions app error

Hello Virgin Media,similar to what others have posted on this thread… I have the same issue with error TS2/1/2/...

pepster by On our wavelength
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My review of Stream

Hello,Just an update on my original post. I’ve had Stream for a few days now, so I’ve had a chance to give it a test drive.For background, I have an Apple TV 4K box and have been happily streaming with this for a while now. Last year I also had Sky S...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Can’t add TNT sports

I signed up for TNT sports when it was being offered for just £5. Seems like lots of people are having issues with these jokers regarding this offer. Shock horror, the TNT service was not added at that price, but now I can’t even add the service at a...


Stream is really not good enough

OK, so the stream puck arrived. It's like going back ten years in terms of quality. Unless I'm mistaken, there's no way to watch from start unless it's BBC which jumps to the iPlayer, or itv channels that go to itv X. On sky stream when you select a ...

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EAB2021 by On our wavelength
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Stream free view only

Hi just spoke with someone about the stream box we didn’t receive and was told that we can’t have our main box and stream and that stream is freeview only and that we would lose Netflix which we pay through Netflix themselves not through virgin