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Exposed green cable in garden

My vm cable is now exposed after gardening .The location is [removed] Haddon Crescent Chilwell Nottingham NG9 5JT [MOD EDIT: Personal and private information has been removed from this post. Please do not post personal or private information in your ...

fonz by Joining in
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Hello,Can I request for a colleague to message me directly as soon as possible to discuss a query please?Thanks

Seren11 by On our wavelength
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2 new contracts but still no broadband

Here is my saga to date:My Virgin Media contract was coming to an end so I contacted VM about getting a new contract.The VM rep could only offer me a deal that was more than twice the price of a new customer, and they advised that my wife could sign ...

MrFog by Just joined
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Bereavement help

Early next week I'll be helping an elderly neighbour who has recently suffered a bereavement sort out some issues with a Virgin media account which was in her late husband's name. She has already had several traumatic and fruitless interactions with ...

nigelar by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Complaints

Who do I go to when I've been as far as the complaints dept and agreed a resolution of a new package and equipment that never arrived or activated on the 13th of June. Rang virgin back to see what was happening but told they couldn't give me the agre...

Lorry6 by Joining in
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Missold by door rep

I spoke with a virgin sales rep who came to my door.I agreed a deal for 500 Broadband with Mega TV with sky sports & movies! Why? Because he said id get it for £51/£52 a month!Alas, 2 days later i get a text with a document that says i'll get broadba...

Nova0990 by Just joined
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Resolved! TNT Sports removed from package

Something similar has happened to me. I received several emails asking me to renew - all said "same package, same speeds, less hassle" I renewed and was sent contracts which clearly stated my Addons as: Sky Entertainment & Sports UHD Sky Sports SD TN...

Kendo44 by Tuning in
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