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Bill refund

Hi, I'm expecting a refund from my final bill. It has been over a month now and I still haven't received the refund. Can someone look into this please?Thanks 

DannyMag by Joining in
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Early Disconnection Fee Worries

Hi everyone, I am a student that is currently worrying about the cost of the early disconnection fees. To provide context, I applied for a 24 month contract that started in September 2023 as I was expecting to finish my final year and masters in thos...

Resolved! Account Number

How do I find my account number - I have never had a welcome pack or any paper / electronic bills, only a letter confirming direct debit set up and texts from installation engineers. There is nothing in my bank statement (inital payment taken) to hel...

Nigel_P by Joining in
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Unrequested Netflix added to Bill

I've just received this month's bill and seen that it had increased dramatically when looking into the specifics of the bill I've randomly had a Netflix £17.99 charge added to our account.  Under the "Stream Subscriptions" section it claims "Subscrip...

Getting charged more then agreed

I have renewed my contract with virgin in May I have a co tract clearly stating £33 a konth they have tried to take £53, I have rang and messaged 5 time and been told diffrent amounts, diffrent reasons and noone is understanding that my contract stat...

Resolved! Start a new contract, mid contract?

Hopefully a simple query - is it possible to start a new contract (for a cheaper service) part way through an existing contract?I.e. replace current one with a new 18 month but cheaper service.Or is there zero flexibility?Cheers

roodles by Dialled in
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Wifi pods

I currently have 2 wifi pods, one is constantly flashing and making a buzzing sound which is very loud but my other problem is that one of the bedrooms gets zero wifi signal at all so i think i need a 3rd pod to actually put in that room. 2 of our ki...

weeshaz by On our wavelength
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Outstanding balance

Hi I have an outstanding balance from 6 years ago and I’d like to clear the balance as it is impacting my credit score. No one at virgin media is willing to help as I don’t have my account number etc. can someone please help me so I can clear the def...

L33bo07 by Just joined
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Memorable word set up incorrectly

Hi, I am writing this on behalf of my father Robert McLean.He recently returned to Virgin, and despite his contract being live, he has had problems for the past 3 days with no telephone or internet service. He has tried 3 times over the phone to set ...