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Does anyone know if there's a way to get my broadband reconnected?  I cancelled it and it was disconnected on Saturday but Openreach messed up my new fibre install so I'm looking to reconnect to Virgin.  What's the quickest way to do it?  Retentions ...

Asta1 by Joining in
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Virgin media not honouring new contract

Hi Everyone I contacted VM beginning May 2024 when my contract was about to expire. They offered me my same package 350m + anytime calls for almost twice what I’d been paying therefore I said I was leaving (after 30yrs). On the 10th May they called a...

EM392 by Just joined
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Charge for non return of equipment

Hi. Has anyone else been charged for non return of equipment when you HAVE returned it!!!! My son cancelled his contract as he couldn’t afford it, he was sent return labels, he packed it up and dropped it at the nearest pick up point. They say they h...

tracable by Tuning in
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Getting charged more then agreed

I have renewed my contract with virgin in May I have a co tract clearly stating £33 a konth they have tried to take £53, I have rang and messaged 5 time and been told diffrent amounts, diffrent reasons and noone is understanding that my contract stat...

How do I contact VM to cancel my account?

Usual situation. I was on a 'deal' which has now ended. My bill has now just about doubled to over £60 for just Broadband. Nothing else at all, no TV or phone, just Broadband. The speed is also far higher than I need. If I try to click on 'edit my pa...

Fermat by Tuning in
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Lied to by renewals awful customer services

Hi,I am having an awful experience with virgin, I had email come through saying renew my services, same channels, same speed same price which was 55 a month. Great so I renewed, well I noticed that my online account hadn’t been updated so I called an...

pau1200 by On our wavelength
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