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MSE £100 credit deal

Hi, I am a new customer and I signed up for the broadband through MSE for the £100 bill credit. Nothing showed up when I went through the pages and looking online I can see that other people received the deal (in varying amounts) so not sure why it d...

twiz25 by Just joined
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Equipment return scam?

So I finally managed to cancel my contract (after hours being transferred on the phone) and was told I would need to return my equipment so Virgin would send me a returns kit to do so. I was warned I would be charged £40 if the package wasn’t receive...

Lildanix by Joining in
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Cancelling account - wow

Writing this while I await an agent to cancel my account.1. Called in to cancel, agent I spoke was asking invasive questions and when I stopped answering them and just asked him to cancel, he refused. Seriously. I asked multiple times and in the end ...

elfin101 by Dialled in
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Yodel not picking up equipment return

Is anyone else having this problem with Yodel? We cancelled our account after moving to an area of the UK with no Virgin connection. We packed up our equipment in the provided boxes and our local courier (Streamline) picked them up and delivered to t...

Lied to by renewals awful customer services

Hi,I am having an awful experience with virgin, I had email come through saying renew my services, same channels, same speed same price which was 55 a month. Great so I renewed, well I noticed that my online account hadn’t been updated so I called an...

pau1200 by On our wavelength
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