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Resolved! Cancel and my partner join as new customer

my contract is coming to an end and since virgin have zero interest in giving me better deal after 20 years plus with them .I am rarely at home anyway with work but if my partner wants virgin services and pays for it herself, can she get the new cust...

Horrible support

I have tried twice now to upgrade my internet package to include tv. The first time I got 3 different prices from 3 different advisors and gave up. I just tried again and got a quote 50% above the introductory pricing. when I asked why I couldn’t get...

Kriegar1 by Just joined
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Saarp Practice by Virgin Media

Today, 14th June 2024, I had an email that invited me to  "Renew your contract". So I clicked to read the offer. Next thing that happened, Virgin Media sent me a contract document. My current contract does not expire till 09/09/2024. Wh-a-a-a-at!!.  ...

becon12 by On our wavelength
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Will I lose sky sports discount

Just renewed contract with a discount on main services and a add on sky sports sd aswell for 18 months .Noticed in my virginmedia I can upgrade sky sports to hd for 18 months for 3.50 would I lose the contract renewal discount on sky sports sd .

Early disconnection - confusion about bill

Can someone explain how this works?My contract ends on 19/07/2024 (£22 p/m).I requested an early termination on 10/05/2024, with 2 months remaining on my contract. 2x £22 = £44.Received bill on 23/05/2024 for £24(?) which I paid. The period was 09/06...

sh11fty by Just joined
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Charged for entering my Pin

I'm new to the way virgin media works but usually quite savvy, however I've just had to complain about a possible glitch on the Tv360 channel interface and I I'm writing this to hopefully stop others getting a excessive bill for something they've not...

Stv700 by Joining in
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