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Refer A Freind

Hi. I referred a friend to Virgin over 3 months ago and still haven't received my £50 cashback. I've tried to phone Aklamio and can't get through - they said i was phoning out of hours, even though it's 12:00 on a Friday afternoon.   How on earth do ...

Alw69 by Just joined
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Package change charge

My package has just changed after I agreed to sign up to an extension of the deal I had with slight increase in price due to what I thought was normal service increase. now the first bill has come there is a package change charge Of £8.17? Is this a ...

Bill78 by Just joined
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Equipment request for contract cancel.

Hi. So i have cancelled my contract a few weeks ago and today got an email for equipment to return. Which is fine, however it is asking for equipment that i no longer have due to upgrade in package quite some time ago, i want to guess over 4-5 years ...

Lokíí by Tuning in
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When will my contract start

I have picked to have my kit delivered around the 28th/29th. I’m moving into a new property on the 1st.  firstly, I filled in the alternative address section. Is this where my kit will be delivered? Secondly, will this start when it arrives or can I ...

jrh2210 by Just joined
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Trouble with referral reward

Hi, I don't even know if this is the correct thread to post this in but there wasn't an option for missing referral reward. I've been checking the aklamio email for weeks now, it changed from "2 weeks" to "less than a week" a while ago, it's now chan...

Renew contract

My existing reduced contract is scheduled to expire on 19/06/2024, I have received an email offer to renew my contract with a new offer which i accepted on 19/05/2024. I then received a confirmation email from the webteam (order reference CH206847415...

jcrowder by Joining in
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VM taking money they shouldn’t!!!

I recently updated my VM account. They hadn’t advised that the account contract had ended and were charging me £108 per month. I contacted them and arranged a new deal with them. I was advised that I wouldn’t pay anything this month and only £40+ nex...

Mcgurktl by Just joined
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