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So angry with VM i have speed issues with my internet and after speaking to VM they say they cant help i logged a complaint that has been ignored C-220424965 posting here as WhatsApp is useless and ignored and so is complaints! Looking at Vodafone , ...

XGS-PON Gig1 Symmetrical upload speed addon

Has anyone had any luck adding the symmetrical upload speed addon to existing XGS-PON Gig1 package?Been on with support @ 03454541111 for 50 mins and they're struggling with it, advisor said I'm the first XGS-PON customer she's had.. Just having to e...

lemon13 by Tuning in
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Resolved! new router for 1g speed?

HiI had gone for a new contract on the 28th March. At the moment my speeds are still showing 500 gb . I went for the 1g speed which works out at £60 a month instead of £80.I received  an email this morning to say that my old contract has run out and ...

M500 minimum speed well below guaranteed minimum?

I've recently upgraded (around 1 month ago) to the M500 broadband package hoping it would improve the stability and speed of my broadband internet.Since getting it, the highest download speed I've had from a hardwired connection is around 57Mb, well ...

Hub 4 Wired Speed Slow + Slow Router Speeds on SamKnows

As per the title, with my Hub 4 I am only achieving speeds of 45.6Mbps (Router)/45.9Mbps (Device) when doing the SamKnows RealSpeed test. The broadband we are currently paying for is the Gig1 in which we are achieving nowhere near the advertised or e...

TubsBear by Joining in
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Wired connection slower than WiFi

New to Virgin, got 1gb package with Hub 5. Got my PC sitting right next to router and using wired connection. I'm only getting half the speed compared to the WiFi. Thought it was because I had cat5e cable, upgraded it to cat 7 and it's made no differ...

ccscot22 by Joining in
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Sudden drop in SamKnows RealSpeed to router

https://samknows.com/realspeed/ tests to my Hub 5x usually show download speeds of 1140-1142 Mbps (I am on the Gig1 Full Fibre package). However, since yesterday evening the tests to the hub struggle to achieve more than 250-300 Mbps. I have rebooted...

betaspin by On our wavelength
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Weird Speed Test Results

I had the 1Gb broadband service installed a few months ago, and other than a couple of outages all has been well. I have a Dream Machine SE which performs a daily speed test, and the results were always above 1Gbps down and 100Mbps up.  However, abou...

AidyM by Dialled in
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