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Connect powerline adaptor to hub 5

I have just got my new hub 5 installed and working yesterday, on my old Internet supplier I had a powerline adaptor fitted so I could get Internet in my garage. Since my new hub 5 has been installed the powerline adaptor no longer works. No matter wh...

Broadband Order

Hi, i ordered the 250mbs package and was approved on 13th June, i was charged a one off payment of £80 and i am still waiting on my self install pack. My Ref No. is 7531678354452426This seems a long time to wait after being accepted, is there a way t...

Facing broadband issues since a month

Hello Virgin Media team,I had a hub and a pod installed. I started facing intermittent internet issues at the beginning of May. After at least 2-3 calls , the first technician visit happened which did not help at all. Then after a few more calls, the...

sonama by Tuning in
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Resolved! flashing green arrows on Hub

The double green arrow  on my Virgin Hub keeps on flashing. The WiFi and phone symbols are green,  not flashing. The "pair WPS"symbol is not active (I don't know what it's for anyway). A loop symbol below this is red but not flashing. The bottom hori...

Ennda by On our wavelength
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Broken outside box

Good afternoon, The brown box outside the house has broken and all the ethernet cables are exposed. The internet speed sometimes cuts out too. Could these be replaced please? Attached photos for reference. Thanks, Daniel    

IMG_0756.jpeg IMG_0755.jpeg
mrbrcz by Just joined
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Resolved! Reroute external cables

Hi, we've seen the previous posts re this subject and are hoping someone from the Virgin team can contact us.We are currently redesigning our front garden and, as with previous posts, the VM cables running to our bungalow are literally inches below t...