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Can't Set Up Broadband

Hello, I received my Virgin broadband hub yesterday, but I didn't have any wires to connect it as the virgin box on the wall does not have a corresponding fit.Would I need to get an engineer out?

Jammeus by Joining in
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Resolved! Issue with installations

Has anybody had issues with installations currently, we got coaxed over from sky and our sky contract ended on the 10th of May in readiness for our virgin services to start on the 12th May, this has then changed to 26th May, 12th June and now to the ...

Will I ever get a hub5

I now have the 100Mb upload on my GIG1 service, but since VM removed LAG on hub4 I am 200Mb down on download speed.Look at my signature before telling me the downside of the hub5, I just want to connect in modem mode, I  need better than a 1Gb port t...

Timwilky by Fibre optic
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How do I get Virgin broadband?

I've entered my postcode into different sites and there's literally nothing better that comes up. There are no fibre options available whatsoever.Virgin also says they aren't available in my area. But I did some digging and the houses across the stre...

logan93 by Just joined
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Resolved! DC power for FTTP connection

HelloI need to connect the power for the FTTP connection for the COEX lead to a DC 12v supply, currently, I have this connected to a standard UK 3-pin plug. The reason for wanting to do this is that I want to connect all of my wifi appliances to a UP...

20220211_162905.jpg IMG_2088.jpg IMG_2089.jpg
nodmod by Tuning in
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Installer drilled through pipe

Hi I got my new Virgin installed and the installer has drilled through the water pipe above my downstairs bathroom and it has caused a lot of damage to both my carpets and bathroom wall and all the area surrounding it. I need some help with this as s...

Zain123 by Just joined
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Exposed cable on driveway

 Hi there,The VM cable feeding my property has become exposed since it was installed a couple of years ago. It’s not damaged yet, but having seen similar posts on the forum, feels like it needs an engineering team to come out and sink it deeper and c...

jamesc77 by Joining in
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Missing Toby Box Cover

Good afternoon,The plastic cover for the toby box on the public footway has gone missing, and has left the actual box itself in a poor condition. See attached photograph. Can a team member please assist in arranging for this to be repaired, as at is ...