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New customer

Hi,I placed an order on 08th June 2023 for broadband. While placing order online they told me I am eligible for quick start self setup and suggested me delivery date 12th June 2023. Same evening I got an email from virgin media web team telling me th...

Josie27 by Just joined
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WIX Domain/website issue

I recently purchased a premium account to host my business website. I had my domain hosted by Google but because I was building a site via Wix, I decided to transfer my domain to it so that it was all in one place.Since then, the website has not been...

Resolved! M600 - speed query

Is the Broadband package I am on, my ethernet speed is slower than my wifi speed on my phone, on test today wired Ethernet speed was 265.92 Mb/s on my laptop and phone wifi speed 275 Mb/s. Should my ethernet speed be higher and should my Hub be outpu...

Hub 3.0 losing lists

For as long as I've had it, the hub loses the reserved IP list every time it is rebooted. I got around that by assigning static IPs, but the MAC filter list seemed immune, yet it does lose the Mac list too, randomly, when the box restarts by remote V...

Data by On our wavelength
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Hub 5 crashes from RTSP stream

Since the hub 4 to hub 5 swap I've began experiencing a fault which takes the entire internet down.At first it was difficult to identify the cause. From my personal usage, it occurred when playing the game VRChat and I assumed that it was related to ...

Riyo by Joining in
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Hi, we've had issues with the box a while now and rang up and stated the router keeps disconnecting and dropping service, we've been told that there are issues and then there isn't. Today sin e morning until now, its been disconnecting nearly every 5...

Polldog by Joining in
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