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Seeing way too many errors

I have been seeing quite a lot of Pre & Post errors this last few weeks I only cleared this yesterday3.0 Downstream channels Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID 1 331000000 6.7 41 QAM 256 25 2 139000000 9.4 42 QAM 256 ...

lojelo5 by Superfast
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XGS-PON Gig1 Symmetrical upload - Complaint

Into our second week of trying to get this added to our new account and the help desk are sadly just playing ping pong and nothing get resolved.I've raised a complaint and just got a reply back stating "you are on 1gb XGS-PON - thank you - closed"I h...

SaltKing by Tuning in
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Latency Spikes

Hi all, had VM installed around 10 days ago now, I have the Hub 5x, whether it’s wireless, or with Ethernet hooked up to my Xbox (which is the main annoyance) I have high latency spikes that last around 10 seconds, I would say these occur around ever...

What are you paying for 132mb download speed?

Hi guys, I am currently paying £26.50 for broadband and phone (i dont use the phone but told this was needed to get the price down). End of contract on the 15th June so I asked whats the best price they said £32 which seems steep for a 18th month con...

r1esler by Just joined
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Hi,when trying to use my PS5, the lagging is incredibly bad which makes it impossible to play online, this is the same when working from home and trying to make phone calls occasionally, it seems to be intermittent, sometimes ok sometimes not.I have ...

Screenshot_20240516_195946_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20240516_195853_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20240517_194553_Chrome.jpg
LaGongue by Just joined
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Green light blinking since 5pm

Today I haae a blinking green light since around 5pm.I have checked all cables, reset etc and unplugged everything. And still getting the blinking green light. Status states there are no issues. Yet most likely there is. This whole week the service h...

D1G1CROW by Just joined
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Resolved! WiFi pod

Moved to virgin broadband about six weeks ago after being with bt, in our third bedroom the WiFi is nowhere near 30gbps, I've done three tests on the connect app. There is no option to order a pod on the app so I called virgin,on Tuesday got through ...

Screenshot_20230901-182731.png Screenshot_20230901-182805.png Screenshot_20230901-182731.png