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Landline going straight to answerphone

My landline is going straight to answerphone and when I try to call any numbers, I get an engaged tone. Tried the service checker on the website and it says service is ok. Any suggestions?

PaulF59 by Joining in
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Landline calls going straight to voicemail

My landline isn't working. I cannot make outbound calls and when someone rings me it goes straight to voicemail.I've done the usual hub reboot, checked connections etc, but it's not resolved.Please can you advise?Thanks

Jean1106 by Just joined
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Resolved! Porting my BT landline number to Virgin

Hi.  Looking to port my BT landline number to Virgin with whom I already have a landline phone.  Rang BT twice and told Virgin have to grab the number.  Rang Virgin and told get BT to do it.  Online form on Virgin website says enter your Universal Ac...

Fsaman10 by Joining in
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Landline stopped working no dial tone

Hi,No dial tone, phone is connected to my Hub 5 (it did work), phoning it just a ring tone but doesn't do anything home end .. could you have a look ? Thanks Steve

Queb by Up to speed
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Wasn't notified that line had changed.

Months ago I received an adaptor. It said I would be notified when to swap over. Today I missed an important call and have found the line is dead. Plugged in the adaptor and it is working off the hub.What happened to the notification ?

You Switch service

On June 11th we switched from VM to Sky using the you switch program. On 31st May, I received a text ,message from VM telling me they were sorry I was transferring my phone number, therefore acknowledgment we were leaving. Why then on July 16th am I ...

Becky247 by Joining in
  • 2 replies
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Home phone down

Home phones not been receiving calls or able to make them for 3 days and counting!!!! Yet the service checker online said it was fine. 45 minuets and counting on hold. No ones answering my mobile call to sort this. Ridiculous paying for a service we ...

Old Bakelite phone does not ring with incoming calls.

Hi,Been with Virgin for over a year and thought I’d use the land line for a change instead of mobiles. So I bought a Bakelite phone as it looked cool. Phone rang when first connected but next day hasn’t worked since. Dial tone works, outgoing calls w...

Telephony suddenly disabled in Hub 5

When I received my Hub 5 some time ago I was moved to VOIP for my landline. Everything was fine until I tried to phone another landline, also VOIP, and got the engaged tone. I phoned using my mobile and connected with no problem. Checking my Hub 5, u...

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