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TV360 and remote app?

Hi just joined the group as have been searching for some assistance. Virgin replaced my V6 box only yesterday with the TV360 update. I can no longer access the Virgin TV remote function on my iPhone to set up recording etc. when away from home. I hav...

markyb11 by Just joined
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upgrade email received but TV package never changed

Just wondering whether anyone knows, if a package upgrade is binding on the Virgin side?I had an email towards the end of Jan for an "online only offer" to add Sky Cinema for £9 / month for 18 months.I took up this offer, and received an email respon...

Jikel by Joining in
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360 box quality

I’m a new customer and must say I’m really disappointed with the 360 box so far specifically with clarity of HD channels. I’ve checked the connected hdmi cables, wi-fi, and played with my tv settings for four days straight for hours as it’s bugging m...

LM001 by Tuning in
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Tv stuck on one channel

Tv is stuck on one channel which does not work anyway. It is static page. The red light on box is off and the white one on but it will not go off. Tried checking router, plugs and cables in and out.  On HDM2 can get the apps . Volume button on remote...

mtennant by Dialled in
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Tv channel add-on

I’ve had an issue with Virgin, my package was due to expire around about today so knowing this I called on January 3rd & sorted everything out then (or so I thought).I didn’t need anything changed, I was happy with my package. I was asked if there wa...

NickTipps by On our wavelength
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Pixelation on E4

Hi.  I would like to report pixelation on my 360 box - I’ve primarily noticed it when watching E4 and one or two other channels. If an engineer is required, unfortunately, I’m only available on Fridays. 

Resolved! Setup

I am due to get a tv360 box shortly and have been checking on the internet how to connect it. I have got quite confused. Will it work without a connection to the coax socket on the rear of the boxDoes it need the TV aerial to be connected to itDoes i...

CJ38 by Tuning in
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ITV +1 is displaying in 4:3

Hello, since a few days ago the ITV +1 channel is displaying in 4:3. No other channels are doing this. Any one else?Channel 303 

Outcasst by On our wavelength
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