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Contract renewal offer - will my discounts renew?

Hi all,So this is my current package:As you can see my discounts are due to end in September.So I had a look at the £4 speed upgrade offer:This appears to suggest that my discounts will also renew for 18 months.Can anyone confirm this? I don't want t...

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Unable to order wifi pod

I have very poor connection in a number of rooms. Have followed all the guidance (done the scans etc) but I can't see a way to order a pod on the app as described. Anyone help? Connection is really poor. Thanks. 

GemmaSut by Joining in
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I need wifi Pods and where's my Sim??

Signed up for Volt as i knew my wifi signal is poor. I can only use the VM Connect app occassionally to scan as i literally can't connect to the router to run the scan upstairs. I managed to run one last night that said i had 10Mbps download speed in...

Unable to order wifi pods

Hi can I have some help on how to order the pods. I am following instructions and going around in circles. I want to get a better connection for wifi in other rooms. Please can anyone advise thank you

shezhigs by Joining in
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Help with ordering wifi pod

I have completed the home scans which shows speeds of 22mbs. I am a volt customer so wish to order a pod. Despite all the guidance saying you will have an option to order after the home scan this doesn’t appear for me. Is there an alternative way to ...

CandC1 by Joining in
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02 SIM card not arrived

So after 10 years with sky I jumped ship over to virgin and went for the mega volt bundle mainly for the SIM card offer! The TV & broadband were all installed great and I am happy with that but it’s been 3 weeks now and no SIM card has arrived. VIRGI...

Volt 1GB boost not active

Hi,Ive had my new virgin broadband for over a month now and the promised speed boost to 1GB has not occured despite having an O2 phone registered at same address with a family member. (Both exact address on both accounts) Please can someone assist me...

Ordering Pods

Has anyone managed to successfully order pods through the recommended method? I have downloaded the VM Connect app. I then run a scan but even when the signal drops due to poor wifi the app just says try again later. No option is ever given to order ...

Sbob by Joining in
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Volt Benefits

Joined virgin in my name on 11th June. Volt benefits already active on my o2 but no speed boost on broadband yet can anyone from Virgin look in to this for me please?

Tommy94 by Joining in
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