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Resolved! Why I'm strongly considering leaving

Tonight I have been sent a new bill - not a new contract. The monthly fee is being increased from £107.50 to £141.00 so that will be an extra £402 per year. I can't sign in to manage my account as the system for changing your password requires a phon...

New IP address request

How do I get a new IP address as I haven't been able to send emails for months and recently discovered it is banned. I have checked all my devices for malware and there doesnt appear to be any reason why my address is banned. Help Virgin please? Than...

"Kudo" is not a word.

Earth-shattering news: Not all words that end in s are plurals. Marking a forum post as having "1 Kudo" is pure gibberish. Whoever came up with that clearly listens to too many Americans and undoubtedly also believes in the existence of "a statistic"...

Resolved! City Fibre - up and running

Well, VM not bothering to offer sensible renewal fees - expecting double their new customer offers means that after nearly 30 years, from the days of Birmingham Cable, 4 house moves, I'm off.Got ripped off on the last renewal - when daughter's partne...

Webchat... is it manned?

Does anyone know.... Is the webchat actually manned by anyone? Trying to cancel my account as I move in 2 days, it says 'approximate 45 minute wait' I was waiting 3 hours until it shut last night and now I've been waiting 2 hours for a response!!!Can...

Louharg by Tuning in
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Resolved! Cancellation nightmare

For four days now I've tried to cancel my virgin media account . I've tried the chat numerous times and phone calls. I'm currently on 1hr 29 mins waiting. How hard is it to simply cancel my account. I'm out of contract, I don't want your services ,ev...

KarenAR by Joining in
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Resolved! So far- 2 hour wait for live chat

Cannot believe how far virgin has dropped down in terms of service over the years I've been with them.Everything seems to be set up to waste your time, put you in a loop, or not answer.I've been waiting over two hours when told it would be an average...

iwonder by Tuning in
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good communication VM area fault and power cut

There was  an unplanned  area power cut in VM area 30 at approx  13.00 today, it  lasted  approx half an hour,. this affected VM services for a short while, but I was informed by text message from VM regarding the fault and when it was back working a...

ALF28 by Super solver
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