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What Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been a veteran of Gaming for many years now and seen it come from slow loading tapes like the BBC Micro (Which was released before I was born ) through the console wars of Megadrive vs SNES to Playstation vs Xbox to the modern day.  So what are ...

John_G by Moderator (Retired)
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Kingston Upon Thames service?

Hello, Im moving flats and unfortunately there is no fibre optic on the new one. Fastest one i can get is virgin. Saw lots of terrible reviews about customer service, some services on different areas vary. Just want to ask if anyone here in kingston ...

mmega by Just joined
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15 Years and no loyalty.

So after coming up on 15 years as a Virgin Media customer. I'm finally going to leave.With the price rises I thought maybe I'll stick with them. But after seeing many other suppliers offer the same speeds and TV packages for cheaper, it's time to say...

Ezzy by Dialled in
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What we're watching now...Continuing

The thread  'what are you watching now' was locked due to it's size and the thread continuing it by the moderator, was amalgamated and also locked. to access the old thread which is now read onlyOriginal What are you watching now thread So this is a ...

Buffer6 by Legend
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Cancelling virgin contract

Just spent 90 mins trying to get through to the cancellations department. I spoke with a lovely lady went through al the security checks asked for alternative phone number just in case we got cut off. low and behold we did get cut off and still NO ca...

Jeffrey1 by Joining in
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Contract Price Rises

Mobile phone, pay TV, and broadband companies have been banned from surprise price rises during a contract.In new deals from 17 January, providers must tell customers about any mid-contract price rises at the point of sale and "in pounds and pence".T...

BillBudd by Superfast
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