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Got the Dvr Error

I was in watching tv then I got a green serious DVR error wait 3hrs.I've seen a few post about this but now as the contact centre is closed I wondering if there's anything I can do to sort this before 3hrs.Also, sometimes the standby light constantly...

TV control

Hello, I am trying to get my V6 remote to control my TV.The instructions say hold 'Clear' and 'TV' at the same time until it flashes green several times. However, I have followed these steps and it only flashes red once. I have tried it several times...

JA23 by Tuning in
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V6 boxes not playing shows from each other

I am having the same problem.  I also spoke to a customer services person who was mystified about the service and had to speak to a manager.  He then came back and said these boxes can not connect to each other, even though they have been connecting ...

Amazon prime audio issues

Hi,The audio when using Amazon prime via my virgin box is really distorted. Only this app and only in normal audio. If I turn on audio description the audio is fine. So it's only an issue in the non audio description option. I've tried resetting that...

gazoco by Joining in
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Resolved! Problem with TV streaming after upgrade to V6 box

We were recently upgraded to a V6 box from TiVo. Because the V6 box uses WiFi and not cable (as the TiVo did) we find that TV streaming is interrupted by buffering. The only solution proposed by VM is to install pods. However, VM have gone ahead and ...

peterts by Tuning in
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Re: TV crashing after rewind or fast forward

We have also been having exactly the same problem for months. I didn’t pick up on this thread at the time, unfortunately, as my search was focussed on the tv end (wrongly I now think). Please would someone be able to tell me what the outcome and/ or ...

cat60 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Socket move

Could someone please contact to arrange to move my socket.  I understand there will be a £25 charge.  Thank you

Picture is showing faces as Red as well as arms and legs.

We’re watching the football on BBC and the players are a red colour on their skin. I’ve checked other channels and it’s exactly the same. I’ve rebooted the V6 box it’s not the TV as I’ve moved the HDMI but it’s exactly the same so I know it’s not the...

V6 question

Just wanted to check when tv is off the v6 has a glowing red light is this normal? Or do i need to switch off at the wall and then switch on again or does it mean its just in stand by? Sorry am not very techy 

slowstar by Dialled in
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