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Resolved! Disconnects and High Latency on 2gb/2gb

Hi, 4 weeks ago had virgin installed on the new 2gb/2gb package.  However, although for the most part the connection is epic the problem is with gaming.  This happens on both wifi and 2.5gb ethernet connection (yes the motherboard is 2.5gb compatible...

Near Constant Packet Loss

Been with virgin for around 2 years now and as the month go on the speeds provided are going slowly down and packet loss is getting worse and worse by the day, The prices skyrocket yet the product provided is poor, i live in a household where wifi / ...

Valorant Ping increase + Packetloss

In the past couple of days my valorant ping has increased a lot, for some reason in London servers I get around 40+ ping when previously I used to get between 10 and 15, I live near to central london too so I don't understand why my ping would be 40....

Flakez by Just joined
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New VM02 Nextfibre 2gb/2gb

I am posting this to hopefully help out people that have connected to the new vm02 2gb/2gb services.  Since install been having multiple problems with packet loss, gaming high latency and random disconnects here is example....After negotiating the mi...

Screenshot 2024-06-22 141301.png

Resolved! Packet Loss

A few days ago I started to have high packet loss, I have always noticed packet loss with Virgin Media, but lately it has become too high.I'm using the Hub 5 in modem mode to which I connected a NanoPi R6S (8core@2.4GHz - 8GB RAM) to the 2.5Gbps port...

parmi by On our wavelength
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PS5 low upload speed and I intermittent download speed

My ps5 is Suffering on virginmedia making it extremely frustrating to play, speed tests on ps5 show uploads between 3-12mbps. Downloads fluctuate between 750-950mbps but with the odd test less than 100mbps.I have used two different cat6 ethernet cabl...

Packet loss

I have this same packet loss for probably over 2 months + and it's annoying since in gaming it will freeze up on me at the worst possible time. Any ideas?Had an engineer come in roughly 3 weeks ago and fixed up a cable outside but it didn't help. He ...

Xandi by Tuning in
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