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Valorant Ping Spikes

I only have this issue when playing Valorant and not in any other games, I have contacted support multiple times about my issue and they say it's an ISP related problem with their routing. I have a Virgin Hub 3.0 with a 500mbps speed package running ...

waluigi by Just joined
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High ping on Firestick

When running a speed test on my phone, laptop, computer etc is is around 15-20 however when I try on my firestick it is showing at 250 plus. Make watching anything via the firestick impossible without constant buffering. I have 1Gig Volt so speed sho...

Lag spikes and packet loss

Hi,Just this week I've suffered bad lag and packet loss when gaming,  previously my ping and latency was consistent.  I've attached a bqm graph from last 24 hours, i popped on game this morning, am I imagining it or is it a problem? 

parawson by On our wavelength
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Re: PS5 Download speed

I have the same issue and I am connecting directly to router via wifi. I don't want to use an ethernet cable because my router and ps5 are in different rooms, thanks for any help *Edit - I am not using any pods and even though my ps5 is in a differen...

Niall132 by Joining in
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Latency spikes

Looking for any help that can be offered. When playing any online games I notice a lot of latency spikes either in game or when using discord. When running speed tests I am getting good speeds yet if i look at my BQM i am constantly getting spikes al...

d7b2adc90441af41e7033f2bb918302c50f1b0fd-13-02-2024.png 13019e1edcc1fc63dde1465e27a528f0148b6d62-11-02-2024.png

Poor Line Quality Gaming

I had 500mb fibre installed recently (last month) and have great download and upload speeds. Getting on average 550mbps down and 55mbps up. This is fairly consistent. Streaming video etc is fine, although on occasions it does buffer. However, when it...

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NoGGy by Tuning in
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High Ping and latency issues Hub5

Hello,I am currently on the 1GB Wi-Fi service from Virgin Media and have been experiencing some issues. During gaming, I receive random lag spikes sometimes reaching over 1000ms. The lag spikes last around 2-3 seconds but make it hard to play games. ...


Lag issues which have only recently started happening!

Hi, Over the last 1-2 weeks I have noticed I have started getting a lag on my hard wired connection on Xbox on the likes of Call of Duty and kids having issues on Fortnite. I have since ran a BQM for the last few days and noticed I am getting random ...

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TiPs1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Frequent high latency spikes

Hello, I've been having latency issues with my Virgin connection since moving in to my new place but only just set up BQM to actually track the issue. The graph looks fine a bit of the time but regularly goes into a state like this were my ping will ...

jimjam707_0-1707570407073.png jimjam707_3-1707570875617.png