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Unstable Ping and packet Loss

For over a year now, I have been experiencing unstable ping and packet loss while playing online games. I use a graphical ping checker with Google, and the packet loss and increased ping occur simultaneously. I’ve researched this issue and found that...

Packet Loss

It has been a year that I experience packet loss and unstable connection while gaming. I have (obviously) performed the basic troubleshooting; factory reset, checking hardware equipment, network card, BIOS and driver update etc. I have tested all my ...

Higher Ping on Warzone Recently

Hi, I play warzone competitively and a lot of the the tournaments are hosted on servers on the east coast or in Texas in the USA and I have been getting worse pings to these servers recently. I used to get around 90ms ping to New York servers and 110...

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Near Constant Packet Loss

Been with virgin for around 2 years now and as the month go on the speeds provided are going slowly down and packet loss is getting worse and worse by the day, The prices skyrocket yet the product provided is poor, i live in a household where wifi / ...

connection cuts out when on VRchat VR mode

so we got our virgin WIFI not long ago, since we have had it i haven't been able to get on vrchat in VR but only in vr it works fine on desktop, as soon as I get in to in to vr and get on the game my pc complete loses connection, my phone still has i...

NsimoneB by Joining in
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Valorant Ping increase + Packetloss

In the past couple of days my valorant ping has increased a lot, for some reason in London servers I get around 40+ ping when previously I used to get between 10 and 15, I live near to central london too so I don't understand why my ping would be 40....

Flakez by Joining in
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Gaming buffering

Can anyone help me solve the problem with buffering and lagging when I'm streaming games through the xbox cloud streaming app on my Samsung tv through virgin essentials broadband 

High latency in valorant to London server

Hi,I've reached out a few times to both Riot and Virgin 150 support numbers and not had much luck. I get passed back and forth. I'm trying to resolve ping issues im getting. Currently I ping 40 to London, 30 to Frankfurt and then 40 again to Paris wh...