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After 25+ years I've submitted my cancellation

On our wavelength

Submitted my cancellation today as I've gone to Yayzi (City Fibre) broadband only as we don't use the TV or phone i our house, it's all Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon. My package is 1.2gb down and 1gb up, and I get exactly that speed.

Even though I was offered a better package for £15 cheaper than I'm paying (offer of £75pm) I explained I didn't want any of those services, I did say if the price was right I would take just the lowest speed broadband that was available to act as a backup as I can't afford to be without internet due to my wife requiring it to work from home.

They then offered me M150 for £39.99 per month, the same package that's on offer to new customers for £24pm. I was furious to say the least, firstly I'm paying that for 1.2gb/1gb, secondly you expect me to pay 65% more than a new customer! VM you have seriously got your business plan wrong! How you shaft your loyal customers is nothing more than disgusting. To be told that is a new customer deal only and then continue to tell me that's how all your competitors work is not correct, there are plenty of competitors that value their customers. Goodbye and Good riddance....


Tuning in

Hi there.  I am about to go through the same process of leaving Virgin Media.  After being with them since they first arrived in our area, I am tired of being treated badly and overcharged.  Added to that I have a fault with the landline and broadband that they have not repaired, I think it is time to leave.

Do you have tips or experiences with the cancellation process ?  Many customers report that it can be a difficult process and I am trying to prepare to exit as smoothly as possible, without paying for any more time with VM than I have to.

Any help and suggestions would be welcomed.

Many thanks and best wishes.


On our wavelength

Keep us posted on how you get on with City Fibre, they are still digging up the streets where we are but will create another option in the future.

VM might call and try again when the cancellation finally hits their system?



Yep after being a customer since 2007 I quit too. Last few days of notice. Offshore retentions and way my call was handled were my issue, along with 18 month contract and legal obligation of signing up to two unknown price increases in that period upfront with NO FEE FREE ESCAPE CLAUSE, not the actual service. Refusal to do rolling monthly (no new kit) or maximum of 12 months (1 price increase) was the nail. Signed up elsewhere now as will friends and family in near future....

I did mine via the online chat, that way I had a transcript of everything that was said. there's three ... at the top of the page where you can print your transcript, I used the print to pdf option. Also, at the end of your conversation fill in the quick questionnaire and then you get the option to put your email in and they will email you a copy of the transcription, I did both to make sure I had a copy of everything said.

On our wavelength

I've been with city fibre through Yayzi for a month now, 1.2gb down/1gb up and I get pretty much that speed, my pings are half of what I was getting with VM and I'm running broadband quality monitor on both lines, my CF line is much much better quality than my VM one.

My other tip if you go FTTP is to consider what speed you want long term and go with that at the beginning, if you pick 900/900 then they fit an ONT with a 1GB port, they will also send you a router with 1gb port. If you want faster than that at a later date then both the router and ONT will need changing. If you pick like I did a fgaster service initially they fit a 2.5gb ported ONT and they give you a router with 1 x 2.5gb WAN  port and 1 x 2.5gb LAN port. Make sure you use a CAT cable that supports the correct speeds also just to stop any potential bottlenecks.

If you go Yayzi be prepared to talk to them via WhatsApp or email to make sure everything goes ok during the install, I also had a few issues with geo location on the IP they gave me, this was sorted by them in a reasonable time, they are a small new upcoming company, I liked the idea of this as I believe they would value their customers better, they don't have all the fancy portals yet, but the COO has a personal hands on with tickets etc and has been very helpful. I believe they are going IPv6 in the near future.

Tuning in

Submitted mine today. 
Been a long time customer, but finally got annoyed with the relentless poor customer services, continual price hikes and the merger with O2 costing me more for phones with no reduction on VM costs, despite one of the numbers being free with my Ommph package. 

I’ll be £40 a month better off with Sky, with better services, newer kit and a promise of no price change for 18months. 

Now time to sort out my move away from O2… 😉

Have a look at Lyca mobile, it uses the EE network and is cheap, also offer esims too.

On our wavelength

Thank you for the City Fibre info, most helpful. I will be following with interest what happens where we are. Currently they are still at the "digging up road" phase, so I guess some months off before ready to install into premises. My next contract renewal might get interesting 😉



I'll organise a collection for you, you'll be sorely missed.