Getting started

First things first

Hey there,

This is your space. We’re just here to help you get the most out of it.

Many of you will find Helpful Answers to any issues you may be having and be on your way. That’s cool, we’re always happy when our community can help you.

Our community is also somewhere where we encourage people to explore more, do more and have more fun with their tech.

Boards and blogs

Boards are collections of topics and conversation themed around our products and services and how they’re used. Board titles include things like Broadband, TiVo® service and Switched on Families.

Board topics are usually started by one of you guys and everyone uses replies to chip in or try and provide an answer. Moderators keep an eye on it all.

Blogs are conversations usually started by one of our team, mainly through a post full of interesting ideas, useful insights or good advice. Everyone else then comments on it to spark further conversation.

When you’ve settled in, get in touch with us if you’d like to write a blog post and we’ll talk about how best to do that.

Boards screenshot

How to post on a forum board

  1. Choose Post a question, +Post or New post and a forum board to post on (if necessary). You’ll also see a 'subject’ area, a ‘body’ area and some other bits.
  2. Subject area is where you title your post. A good tip is to write it how you would write an email subject line to someone you don’t know very well – short, sweet and on topic.
  3. Body area is where you write everything else you want to say.
  4. There's also a spell checker and you can see how others will see your post on the board with Preview.
  5. When you’re ready, click the post button to put it live for others to see.
Post screenshot

How to use Quick Reply or comment on a blog post

  1. To respond to a particular post or to add a comment to a blog - you’ll need to hit the Reply or Quick Reply button or use the Post a comment area.
  2. If using the Reply button or Post a comment area, you'll see a screen similar to the New post screen. When you reply, the subject line will be filled in for you automatically. You can change it if you want.
  3. If using the Quick Reply button, a small text box will appear and you can pop what you’d like to say in there. Quick Reply is much quicker than Reply but you can't format the post.
Quickreply screenshot

7 things to try

  • Search before you ask on the forum boards
  • Give praise where it’s due by clicking on the Kudos thumb
  • Share your thoughts and comment on blog posts
  • Rate useful replies as Helpful Answers if it’s your topic
  • Tag forum and blog posts to find them faster next time
  • Check through the official house rules when you get a moment
  • Have a natter on the chatter board or a chatter on the natter board – we don’t mind which, really.

3 please don’ts

  • Please don’t broadcast your personal details
  • Please don’t post the same thing in several places
  • Please don’t be scared to Flag posts for a moderator’s attention.

Got a moment? Why not check through the official house rules next.