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Cancel my broadband

I had my broadband delivered ect there is no virgin master socket in my home I’ve tried to call virgin several times to get a engineer to come and fit one haven’t had any luck. Does any one know how I can cancel my broadband? I don’t want to be bille...

No virgin

Hi I have no virgin wall connector , been try for 2 weeks now to talk to someone , and getting no where money going to be going out of my bank soon and not been able to even set it up . 

moving router

Got our "Quick Start" kit for Broadband and TV yesterday and followed each step only to realise the connection point in our new apartment is on the wrong side of the room for the TV. Any ideas on how to get this moved? I've exhausted myself reading t...

McC2 by Settling in
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Resolved! No fibre phone adaptor received

Had email and texts two months ago saying watch for the phone adaptor to change to phone line direct off modem hub. Nothing arrived and messages say must be done on 5th April?cant get any help on the phone services either just go round and round in c...

AC Adaptor/ONU power supply light

I have the Hub 3 for broadband and TV. My WiFi has stopped working (Green Wifi Light, green flashing power light) yesterday and I've been through all the steps to reconnect etc, should the wall AC adaptor (ONU power supply) have a light on the plug a...

w3j16 by Joining in
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Signal attenuator

Hi, we had an installation a couple of years ago and the engineer left us with an inline attenuator. I’ve just got an upgrade to the hub 5 as the 3 was flaky (lots of recent drops) and when installing it, I removed the attenuator (trying to get the 5...

BnT86 by On our wavelength
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