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Broadband installation date keeps getting moved

Joining in

Has anyone managed to resolve issues with the broadband installation date being continuously moved? Mine has just been moved for the 4th time, with another delay of over 2 weeks.

Any tips would be helpful as I work from home so this is really impacting me, and if it isn't resolved soon I'll have to go elsewhere.




On our wavelength

I would suggest you peruse this section of the forum and read the threads detailing similar issues to yours. It’s not too pretty. The record is 18 months delay between, ‘yes, we will install on x date’ to when it actually happened!

No there is, I promise you, absolutely nothing you, nor indeed anyone working for VM from the CEO downwards, can do to expedite this. It’ll happen when not does, or not as the case may be.

So, what alternatives do you have? Any 4G / 5G broadband connections available, at least to tied you over? Otherwise, set yourself a deadline and when that passes just sign up with an alternative supplier - of course even if you do that, you are still legally entitled to compensation of some £6 per day from the first ‘given in writing’ installation date, until you get connected or cancel.