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My quick set up kit was meant to come on the 10th of July Monday was out for delivery and because of some type of delay it got sent back to Yodels delivery depot I got a message from virgin saying sorry for the delay will come on the 11th I stay in y...

Brown box installed without permission

Yesterday afternoon 12/7/2023) I returned home to find a Virgin media brown box had been fitted to the stone wall of my house, which is a LISTED BUILDING AND CANNOT HAVE ANY ADDITIONS TO IT AS IT IS AGAINST PLANNING LAWS. Not only was this done witho...

AnnaW1 by Joining in
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Connecting block of flats

Hi,I have purchased a flat in a purpose built block of flats, but unfortunately VirginMedia is not reaching here. However the block next to my address does, according to some maps and research I've done. My address is basically 2 identical blocs of f...

Kamilekk by Joining in
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Virgin Wall Socket too far away?

We just moved in to a new house which already had a virgin wall socket, got the Wi-Fi set up fine, when I’ve gone to connect the TV box I’ve realised the wall socket is on the other side of the room from where the telly is and there is no way I can p...

SHick by Joining in
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Switching from Sky.

So my contract came to an end so I decided to switch to you guys but sky's cancelation won't be until the 24th July and I've already received the Virgin Hub. It says I have 12 hours to activate it. I know that you two work on different infrastructure...

Peci by Joining in
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I haven’t received Welcome email

Hi,On the 6th of July, we hired virgin broadband for or new house. A part of the pre-contract documents, we haven’t heard anything at all from virgin, no welcome email (no account number or area code). The provisional installation date was on the 10t...

No account number

I recently ordered broadband and need to change the delivery date for my self instillation kit.I can’t do this without signing into my virgin media. However I need an account number to do this.The only email I’ve recieved from virgin media contains t...

Book engineer

Hi. I have the full works volt package with a second TV box. Is it possible to book an engineer to run a second wall socket upstairs from the existing point to connect the second TV box upstairs. I’ve seen other posts that says this can be done for a...