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Speaking to someone about new account credit

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Hi. I joined VirginMedia online on Saturday. I got the attached offer, but the £235 credit is not showing up on my account - and I can’t seem to find anyone in customer service who can help (or even view my order reference number to see what I was actually offered!).

And what’s even worse, it looks like they’re charging me for installation costs when the offer says there are no installation costs! 


Can someone please help, as I’m losing the will to live. 


Joining in

I tried the WhatsApp help and the phones again but no luck. I’m cancelling my order; I won’t be joining virgin media. 

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I remember my initial bill was confusing. I was offered £75 credit to cover initial 3 months charges of £25.

Was also offered free installation and setup but the bill had charges for installation & setup which which got me angry. However on closer inspection there was further credit for the exact same amount charged for the installation and setup.

If Virgin agreed £235 towards your future bills that be amazing though.


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I could be wrong, but the first screenshot says “Your first bill will also include CR £195.00” so that’s a CREDIT of £195.00 on your account to cancel out the installation and setup costs? I may be wrong as I say but that’s how it reads to me.

With regards to your bill credits, you say you can’t see them on your account, but have you had an actual bill yet? Most companies will only show a bill credit on a bill, not on a notification on your account.

Hey Rahul21, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to hear about this billing issue.

I can see you've spoke to the team about this, did they manage to advise you on this or help at all? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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