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New hub

I'm still getting the flashing green light. The red and black cable dosnt plug into the wall but I managed to plug the splitter in the wall is this correct 

Troy1991 by Joining in
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Resolved! Technician visits

My phone is due to be switched to fibre on 5 June. I have received my adapter but I need a visit from a technician as my phone and hub are in different rooms. I have tried calling 150 but cannot find a "Book a visit" option. Can anyone help please?

Ex Customer

After leaving VM who’ve I been with since the C&W days I have jumped to BT full fibre just asking does the Superhub 3 still need returning.reading the website I can only see hub v4 and v5 need returning tyvm 

Nuisance Dropouts

So have 1gb connection with Virgin, using the Hub in Modem mode with an XR 500 router. We had a lot of drop outs where the router would need a reboot. Virgin came and attenuated the signal with a 3db in line attenuator in the back of the modem. Thing...

360Petty by Tuning in
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Outside Box Broken

I live on the highstreet and have noticed that the outside box that contains all wires has been broken. I have attempted to report the problem through the relevant phone lines however frustratingly I have not had any success.I just need a Technician ...

ben_sams by Joining in
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Resolved! Completely dead hub 3

Hi folks,Our hub 3 yesterday decided to not respond at all, no ethernet & had the dreaded red LED. It was re-plugged, wires checked etc but it sadly is completely dead, no lights at all after 10 minutes. Replaced power brick fuse with another 3amp fu...

mpmc by Superfast
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