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Virgin Hub constant red light

My Hub has a constant red light on the front, yet I've got connection.Looking at similar threads this appears to be a Hub issue but mine isn't overheating and doesn't feel overly warm.I've reset the hub as others have suggested elsewhere, in fact I'v...

Kopite77 by Joining in
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Broken outside box

  This is the state of my outside Virgin media box. Next door have removed their large hedge and now this mess is on view on the front of my house. The cable is also on show on the street. How do I get this fixed please?

BBAD9055-C6EE-4753-9A24-D7A9A00584CF.jpeg 3FA00674-B452-4C02-BB7E-E7B110EEA7AB.jpeg
Liz7171 by Joining in
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New customer help please

I have recently joined VM, excited when the box arrived but then the shock arrived.....I can't seem to find where the box is other than the traditional telephone socket..I have noticed a wire coming from the wall but not found a box like other people...

Phil1912 by Joining in
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Resolved! VM connect not connecting hub 4

I am a Volt customer and saw I can get some free Wifi pods as a benefit but am required to run a test on my hub 4 via the VM Connect app. Unfortunately despite being connected to my wifi and it working on my device the app wont find the Hub, I've tri...

Hub 5x Red flashing light

Hi, 1st post hopefully on the correct thread. had VM 1gb hub 5x for a few weeks and all fine but today got red flashing light.tried rebooting,resetting to defaults but nothing. Still a red light.guys were here other day sorting out wiring but worked ...

mfltch55 by Joining in
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Resolved! Installation damage

Virgin came to my house recently to do “pre installation” work. I assumed they’d be burying cables underground but instead the guys said they needed to do something with the wire from the telegraph pole?? Anyway, they attached it at the corner of the...

SL7_0-1712656186788.jpeg SL7_1-1712656215427.jpeg
SL7 by Joining in
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Exterior wall box covers

Hi due to the bad weather of the last days the Exterior wall box covers have gone, had a look around but cannot find anything, can this be replaced please, at the moment the cables are hangingThanks

Dom7 by Joining in
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