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Disabling wifi and using Ethernet .

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Hi, I'm not technical at all so apologies if is obvious / doesn't make sense!

So, I want to disable wifi on my hub 3.0 router. I want to only use Ethernet cables to access the internet (on 2 smart TVs and a games console essentially) - I'm living with someone who believes wifi is evil! 😆

I logged in to the router (using an Ethernet cable and laptop) and managed to disable the Wi-Fi but when I connected the other devices by Ethernet cables to the ports at the back of the router, only the cable linked to my laptop was working. I went into the settings on the TV but they were suggesting that no Ethernet cables were detected. I tried different ports with no luck. 

The router was not in modem mode. So, I guess I'm asking whether it's possible to do what I want to do and if so, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Try a pin-hole reset of the hub and then disable WiFi again.

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Make sure you are just disabling Wi-Fi & not putting the hub into modem mode. You need it in router mode to use all the sockets.

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Thanks for the replies. Will try the reset tonight after work!


I'd change the SSID and the Password and just say the job is done. 
An SSID like BTxxxxxx or SKYxxxxxx might be enough to put the person off the scent.
Especially as their Phone / Laptop should have Wi-Fi disabled.

Our Hub 3 is in Router mode and all 4 network ports work.
To disable the Wi-Fi on both bands :

Hub 3 menu:   Advanced settings >> Wireless >> Wireless signal

      Disable Channel Optimization ( to unlock the Wi-Fi settings )
      Disable 2.4 GHz
      Disable 5 GHz
      Click Apply changes

Allow the Hub 3 a couple of minutes to stop its Wi-Fi services.

Alessandro Volta

If you disable WiFi how are you supposed to get a WiFi connection for your mobile devices? I suggest simply disabling the SSID broadcast and secretly doing WiFi connections.

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You can use USB-C Ethernet adapters. Most modern android phones support USB Ethernet.

I also like to use as little WiFi as possible. Especially when my phone is in my hands or my laptop is on my nads.

Alessandro Volta

Your phone is regularly talking to the mobile network, even when you have an ethernet connection. It has to so that the network knows where it is for incoming calls. And it transmits at many times the power of WiFi. 

There is no technical solution to an emotional problem. 

- jpeg1
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@jpeg1 wrote:

There is no technical solution to an emotional problem. 

I don't believe human EMR exposure research is a psychiatrist's or psychologist's area of medicine or research, I believe it's biological or physiological issue. You won't get a psychologist studying the effects of EMR on biological tissue or psysiological systems. This is the domain of a biologist.

At the fundamental level, It's been proven that EMR damages biological cells, enough to cause cell apoptosis. Therefore at the most basic level, RF will be damaging and killing my skin cells, at the very least. I would rather not kill my skin cells even if they are easily repaired.

If you want to dig deeper, RF exposure actually causes biochemical and neurochemical changes.

Yes humans have a thicker skull than rats and we have more massive brains, but almost all human bio research is undertaken on rats and I would rather not take any chances.

Quotation source -- "This work indicates that neurochemical modification of the hippocampal cholinergic system can be observed during and after an exposure to low intensity RF."

Quotation source -- "Long term exposure to cell phone frequencies (900 and 1800 MHz) induces apoptosis, mitochondrial oxidative stress and TRPV1 channel activation in the hippocampus and dorsal root ganglion of rats."

Quotation source  -- "These data suggest that EMR can lead to a decrease in excitatory amino acid neurotransmitters in the hippocampus, which may affect the excitatory-inhibitory balance of neurons, thus causing a decline in learning and memory ability." -- "Following microwave exposure, rats exhibited a significant decrease in learning and memory ability at 7 days"


I think there's definitely a correlation too, the amount of human zombies is increasing drastically in recent times.

Alessandro Volta

I'm not arguing your belief, just that if you want to avoid RF exposure you will not be using a mobile phone at all, because it transmits intermittently while it is switched on.  So discussion of connection methods is irrelevant. You need to avoid the phone altogether. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.