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Virgin Hub 5x

I had the 1 gig servie installed on the 8th Jan 2023 and no issues until today. I was up at 5.30am and switched my mobile on and no connection. White solid light on the hub. So i restarted my phone, still no connection. Tried all the computers in the...


New IP Address Assigned

Woke up this morning and as I do check TBB Quality graph daily for any packet loss issues (which there have been throughout the last few days, little spikes often) to find a solid red wall had started and since I just woke up I assumed that the broad...

Cable Relocation Includes Digging?

So just spoke to customer services and booked in a move of the cable going into the house as its on the wrong side for its use case. It was confirmed by the customer service representative that the technician showing up on the day will be digging the...

TonyBu by Tuning in
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Going under shared driveway

Hello,I'm having trouble getting Virgin from the street to my house as there's no way to get there without going through a neighbours or shared driveway.The neighbours issue is they don't want their driveway drilled and patched. So I'm wondering if i...


Repeat cancellation of installation.

Ordered virgin media back in October. I am now on cancellation number 6 as it’s been pushed further back to February the 8th. We currently have 15mbps in the house, I can just about watch Netflix and use my phone at the same time  The best part is I ...

Jones93M by Joining in
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Telewest box

Hi,both my landlord and virgin media advised my property is wired up for virgin media.i can only find a telewest box in the house - how do I connect my QuickStart hub to this?thanks 


Switching broadband and phone to virgin

I’m switching my current phone and broadband with octopus energy over to virgin media. I’m transferring the same landline number. I’ve spoken to 3 different sales staff at virgin, 2 have said that I don’t need to contact my current provider at all an...

Jacob98 by Joining in
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