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Very frustrating and confusing information given regarding the installation/ set up

Tuning in

As I was moving home, I tried to book an installation service on last Tuesday. My slots offered were initially 25 Mar and 1 Apr. However, my appointments were changed for multiple times from to 3rd Apr & 4 Apr, then back to 25 Mar, and eventually now 3rd Apr and 9 Apr. Different representatives from VM gave me different information which were false, misleading and inconsistent. Some of them said that 2 installations need to have 5 days difference as the faceplate to be installed needs 5 days to run, but some said the installations can be figured out in one or two days. That's why my appointments kept changing, it seems they are not sure how to sort that out for me and it ruined my holidays and schedule. Frankly, I am really disappointed with the booking experience that VM offered and I still don't know which version should I rely on after multiple checking with VM (I chatted and called them at least 5 times...)

Indeed,  when I proactively called and finalized the installation bookings, firstly I was told that I need to be at the apartment only on the second installation (The interior one), the first one can be left to the VM engineer. However, when I called again to re-check, another representative stated that I must be staying in the flat on BOTH installations (exterior and interior) as I am living at the apartment, they may need to enter the main entrance for checking if needed...

As I have different answers from different people from VM while calling (The No. I called was 0800 052 1734 - Pre-installation team who helped me to book the service), this really confuses and influences me a lot. Can someone assure that if I need to stay there on both 'Exterior' and 'Interior' installation?

Remarks: I was told that the first installation (Exterior) will be assigned to a 3rd party engineer for setting up, don't know if this affects...

Thank you.


Alessandro Volta

Are you sure after this experience that you really want to have Virginmedia broadband? 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it. contract was a 18 months one, and I will definitely reconsider that when it expires.

To be honest I am happy for their services and speed generally, as well as the guidance from them before.
However, this time is really a nightmare. Even I accept the apparent postponement of the installation, no one from VM can assure what should I do or get prepared...otherwise I will not be raising this issue here.... 

Tuning in

Can anyone from Virgin Media please answer this question please?
I think that's simple and direct from your side but this is vital to me.


Hi thomashtchan10,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, hope you have kept well, we are sorry to hear you have had a poor experience when moving due to the change in dates and no clarification around what happens and whether you need to be home or not.

As you are already aware before the install there is a pre-install visit, this is the make sure everything is in place for the install, on this visit sometime issues are picked up and the install may need to be rescheduled, although you do not need to be home for this if you are then this is OK, 

I will be more than happy to have a further look and clarify when the account will be active, I will send you an invite into a private chat, please look out for a white envelope to start.