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Resolved! Isolator cable won't connect to hub.

So I've plugged everything else in fine, just having trouble with the white isolator cable. It goes into the wall socket fine, but I just can't plug it into the router. I'm not sure why because it looks like it should fit, just doesn't go in. It's th...

Cancel or Downgrade Package Deal

So towards the end of the month my bills will be increased, I am looking to either cancel or downgrade/maintain similar price range, however when I call they say they are too busy, and the online live chat is non existent, so here I am looking for so...

Move Router

Hi,I would like to move the location of my router from the front of the house to under the stairs.I understand there is a £25 fee. How do I get this booked in? 

NewMover by Joining in
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I need a VM wall socket

Hi, I've ordered a broadband only package and it said I was applicable for a self install kit. But I have no Virgin Media Wall socket in my room. It seems that I need an electrian to install a wall socket.Tried looking but can't see a way to book an ...

Gone Away Form

Our household has just moved in for our third year of Uni and the previous tenants have not ended their contract with you.  We have been told to contact you and you will send us a Gone Away Form so we can trigger a forced account closure.  Please can...

nyahc02 by Joining in
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