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Activating old WiFi Pod

Hello,I have 2 wifi pods working, I have a 3rd one but this was from an old contract so it is not active on my account anymore. VM won't send a 3rd one out due to this one being deactivated on the account and recognised as my 3rd pod but they are als...

Tv cable - not long enough

Just recently got my virgin package, during set up the cable from the virgin output socket is at the other side of the room and the cable isn’t long enough to reach the tv from the socket. Is there a longer one that can be sent out?     [MOD EDIT: Su...

Phone switch over

Does the router need to be in hub mode for the phone to be connected to the fibre network? Tried switching ours over has had the message that it needs doing and it doesn't work - only thing I can think of is that we use it in modem mode

FTTP New User Install Experience

Hi AllIn the spirit of giving back (as I'd found a lot of useful info here) I thought I'd post about how getting Virgin FTTP installed went and how it's been for the first month.The sunny seaside town in the south west where I am is quite well served...

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