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Activation Fee ?

Recently upgraded my Broadband to 1Gb and was told the activation fee would be waived.Got my bill but see that I have been charged the £35 fee.As I can see from other posts, this has been the case for many who were promised they would not have to pay...

Illegal installation

Hi, a virgin media account has just been set up in my name which I have nothing to do with  I called customer service who refuse to help as I’m not a customer. Would tell me no details at all. They said they would cancel the account that I didn’t set...

cya1012 by Joining in
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Recommitment offer not working

Received a recommitment offer by email - clicked through to accept and received email containing pre-contract details.  Accepted documents but the place order button on the website isn't working.So much for end-2-end testing prior to pushing out offe...

SuperCC by On our wavelength
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Contract renewal email. Scam or legit?

I've received this via email today - is it legit?Hovering over the several embedded links, they all begin "".I thought we'd all already been forced onto rolling 12 month contracts now as part of the unjustifiable in...

Screenshot 2023-07-14 171048.jpg

Resolved! What is "TV Essentials"?

My present contract with VM has come to an end and I've been offered a new Broadband + TV package.  The TV service offered is "TV Essentials".  In my existing package I have Mix TV and I don't want a smaller package.  I cannot find what "TV Essential...

Enten by On our wavelength
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Account number - never received paperwork

I signed up to virgin in April. I was sent my router but I've never received any paperwork or emails and a direct debit was never set up. How do I find out my account number and get this sorted?   [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Roxj22 by Joining in
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