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Re-contract issues

 Today I received an email confirming my re-contracting order had been actioned and applied, however when I go to the “My Virgin Media” site it is still showing my previous package, billing, and contract details.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

10bob by Joining in
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Moving install date

Can someone help me in getting my installation date moved?Been having an issue with getting my broadband set up. Initially the engineer came on the 7th but wasn't able to set up the broadband, and told me more pre-installation was needed. I was then ...

matt43 by Joining in
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Trying to cancel

I have tried to cancel my services with virgin as they have never worked properly and was told can’t cancel because it was past the 14 day cooling off from sign up but in terms of contact states 14 days from start of broadband service and I tried to ...

Resolved! coax cable needs extending

I have only been with VM since march i have decided to move the location of the second box in the bedroom just further over but the wire is too short so i cannot plug this in. How do i go about getting a longer cable? without the cable I can not use ...

jodesxo by Joining in
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Notice to cancel

So I’ve given my 30 day notice to cancel via what’s app and twice by phone, the last guy said just ring us the day before your contract ends and we’ll disconnect you. Why haven’t I received a confirmation email or text in response? 

Credit limit reached

Currently my account has been suspended even though I've paid my monthly bill I'm confused because apparently I've already a credit limit I never knew I had can some one help with this?

JL1oyd by Joining in
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