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Internet speeds for stream

Joining in


I know the stream box needs a minimum speed of 50mb, but was wondering what speeds are needed for optimum performance. I have a speed of 130mb but picture quality isn’t fantastic, when I originally got the box the diagnostic screen showed I could stream UHD but now only shows up to HD. Have an engineer coming out this week as some live tv (especially live sport) isn’t great but used to be a lot better. Picture is fine watching on demand content but live tv suffers at times. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Akira9, and welcome back!

Sorry to hear of the issues with the picture quality on the Stream Box.

The speed of 130mb download, should be capable of offering the UHD content.

Do please allow the engineer visit to take place and discuss with them further upon their arrival.

Once completed, do please drop us an update.

Kindest regards,


Alessandro Volta

50Mbps is more than enough to stream UHD/HDR for Netflix, YouTube, etc.

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Joining in

Engineer came out, checked internet speed and stream box. Gave me a new box and tried it all again and no improvement with picture. He spoke with another engineer whilst with me for advice and the consensus amongst the technicians is that the stream service was launched far too early as it has numerous issues, none of which can be fixed by a call out. Phoned customer service and got a credit back on my sports subscriptions. Going to look elsewhere for a reliable alternative. 

Hi @Akira9 

Thanks for coming back to us. I can assure you the Stream was not released too early but thanks for letting us know about the comments as I'll ensure they're fed back.

Have you now cancelled the Stream part of the account?


Forum Team

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