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Stream box CS2017 Channel Failed


Hi VM,

Right so after original Stream box being replaced and working for a few weeks, a few days ago I rang Customer Services to report error code CS2017. The box is happily connected and passes all diagnostics tests and the catch-up apps work on the box without fault.

It is just the Live TV channels (free or subscription) that give a black screen and CS2017 Channel Failed message and to ring Virgin. I have a subscription I can't use at the moment.

It looks like my box is either denied on the network for live tv or a node/network configuration issue. CS told me that Stream has no live tv channels so I think you owe me a refund for subscriptions then πŸ˜‰




So despite DNS over TLS working for years with Adguard DNS, this was the cause of the Stream box not working for Live TV channels but working for apps.

I can only assume something was changed at VM within past week, or VM had tracking urls that were were being blocked because they were tracking/monitoring what people were watching and the block causes the stream to fall over.

Setting an exemption on my router to make it use a non-filtering DNS service made it work. This is not how I like to run my network though and operators should not be dictating this - so going to have to likely dump the Stream service I think, although it's in an isolated VLAN anyway away from other devices.

Hi unisoft, 

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry for the issues you've had with your Tv services. 

I'm glad to hear this is resolved now for you. 


CS2017 error message on Live TV been on Stream box for weeks now, after it briefly working fine. Stream Apps work fine, EPG updates fine, software updates are fine (v5.0.3).

I've switched to Sky Stream now; VM are losing money because of this.

Hi @unisoft we're really sorry to hear you have switched to Sky Stream as a result of this.

If you do need any further assistance, please let us know.

Many thanks


Well I would prefer the stream box to actually work as Sky costs a lot more money. It's not the box itself, it's been changed. And there is nothing a home visit engineer can do other than tell me it can't possibly be Virgin's network but at the same time stumped as to what it can be along with the VM guy who looked at the CMTS traffic to my address last time.

Everything else works, smart tv apps and Sky stream SO it MUST be the local network setup OR the systems that services/authenticates/manages my VM stream box access.

Just to confirm are you now no longer using the stream box with us as you have switched to Sky? 

We would not be able to run checks if the box is not active on the account. 

No it should be active. I never requested it not to be. It doesn't have live subscriptions to Sky Entertainment but should, in theory, be getting the Freeview channels via Virgin 1gig broadband.

Thanks for coming back to me @unisoft.

Just to confirm, are you keen on us investigating this further for you, or are you now content on using Sky's alternative for this service?

If the service is no longer being used by you, it might prove to be difficult to fix the fault as the box would likely need to be switched on and functioning for our team to run diagnostics.



Hi, the box has been on and connected to VM Broadband all along.