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Help! Got 1GB internet and hub 5 but download speed of 300mbps

Hi, as the title states we  are paying for 1 GB internet and getting nowhere near what we are paying for, I have tried 2ghz and 5ghz virgin website says no problem in the area, it’s driving me nuts as getting a lot of buffering and thinks like Netfli...

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Serious ping problems - erratic

I've been having erratic issues with ping for a few weeks now. Thought it might be a recurrence of an earlier issue with my coax cable, but no longer sure this is the case. Router stats:3.0 Downstream channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (...

Not given speeds agreed

<span;>Upgraded on the 5th oct as I received a offer through a message then i contact yourselves on the 9th oct day after est activation date<span;>You had nothing on your system<span;> and and resold me package of same price after adding credits<spa...

K13skv by Joining in
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Brown outside box damaged

HiThe brown box on the front wall of my property has become damaged due to the weather. Am I able to get it replaced? I've tried using the chat function in the past but nobody came out to it.Thanks 

V_M1 by Joining in
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Virgin media upload issue again

HelloI'm again experiencing regular upload issues when I try to stream... I tried about 4pm yesterday and was getting 0.1Mbps upload and the same again tonight at about 5.30pm.  Is this a problem with my system or Virgin?  This is about the third tim...

Resolved! Slow Upload speed since 14/12/23

Hello, I'm on VM 250/25 ( volt) since early last month upload speed has been less than 2mbs on the Router directly with ethernet. Unable to make video calls. Router says: 30/12/2023 19:36:49criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3( Multiple occurren...

Sudden extremely slow upload speeds

Suddenly, in the last couple of days I have incredibly slow upload speeds. This is incredibly disruptive as part of my work involves uploading large files every morning, and this now takes hours and hours whereas it ordinarily should take a few minut...


My work VPN suddenly not working

Ive been with VM for about 4-5 years and have never had an issue. Since yesterday my work laptop, on which I have to use a VPN to access the hospital systems is losing connection every few minutes, making working from home almost impossible. I have a...

elbee8_1 by Tuning in
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WiFi speeds drop at night?

So Useually we get very fast wifi at 200-300mbps, but when I run the test past 1am it’s ridiculously slow at around 20mbps i can never get it to be fast at night which sucks because that’s when we use it the most

rubra by Joining in
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