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Faster upload speeds

We got this update in late last year"We’re extending your free trial period up till 15th March 2024. Also, over the next week, we’ll remotely upgrade your service to include improved speeds at no extra cost. These faster speeds aren’t available for s...

Speed not achieved and Jira website really slow to login and use

Hi there   I'm on a 250mbps package but a speed test today is showing I'm only getting 68.75mbps.I have reset the router but the reset made it worse (prior it was 120mbps). In addition to that I use Jira for work, but this is really slow and hanging ...

ColFB by Joining in
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Packet Loss / High Ping

Last few days Internet has been patchy, high pings and packet loss.  

Screenshot 2024-01-11 005846.png
Allie-B by Joining in
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Internet less than 30mbps. How to order a pod?

Hello,im a Virgin Broadband and O2 customer. I ran a speed test today, as I can barely use the internet in half of my flat. It came out that I have less than 30mbps speed. I will need a pod to enhance the signal but as per Virgin media tradition, the...

tote95 by Joining in
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Very slow speeds on newly installed hub 5x

My newly purchased 256 Mbps volt contract had installation date for 4th January. When engineer arrived informed me that i got newest 5 X hub which was surprising as i have one of the lowest tier contracts.After hub stopped updating itself i tested sp...

PawelG by Tuning in
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Broadband Issue ML3

Morning.Anyone else affected by a service issue in ML3 region? We've had performance issues for days now, sporadic and mostly upload when we run a speedtest.Its making working from home impossible. VM Service on app and portal states no issues until ...

lawrmc by Joining in
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New 1 Gb install - upload limited to ~85 Mbps

I had 1 Gb installed last week in an area new to VM. Regardless of whether in router or modem mode, upload very rarely moves past 85 Mbps. I've seen 90 Mbps occasion, but it's usually 75 -85 Mbps.Tests conducted with cat6 cable directly into the hub ...

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-01 at 12.17.03.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2023-07-01 at 10.47.10.jpeg
ChrisFD2 by On our wavelength
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Help! Got 1GB internet and hub 5 but download speed of 300mbps

Hi, as the title states we  are paying for 1 GB internet and getting nowhere near what we are paying for, I have tried 2ghz and 5ghz virgin website says no problem in the area, it’s driving me nuts as getting a lot of buffering and thinks like Netfli...

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Serious ping problems - erratic

I've been having erratic issues with ping for a few weeks now. Thought it might be a recurrence of an earlier issue with my coax cable, but no longer sure this is the case. Router stats:3.0 Downstream channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (...

Not given speeds agreed

<span;>Upgraded on the 5th oct as I received a offer through a message then i contact yourselves on the 9th oct day after est activation date<span;>You had nothing on your system<span;> and and resold me package of same price after adding credits<spa...

K13skv by Joining in
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