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Need Brown Box and cabling removed from outside of house

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When virgin was installed when my house was built, the brown box outside house was installed terribly. and has been hanging off the wall since day one. looking at it now they obviously installed it too close to the BT line and couldn't finish the job as BTs box was in the way. It looks terrible and has spiders living in it. 

I do not use Virgin and don't plan to use you again so I want this removed, cables terminated and wall made good.

Please can you help me get an engineer out to do this. It will just require the cables cutting/hidden and hole filled.

Kind Regards,


Alessandro Volta

VM generally declines to remove its unused cables except in cases where some sort of H&S issue is involved (trip hazard etc.)

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @TPear87, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the desire to have the external cabling removed.

As per the advice offered by @goslow, this is not a service we would provide as this would render the property unserviceable moving forward. 

With the cables being unused there would be no electrical current running through them and therefore would be deemed safe to remove.

Do however highlight any potential health and safety hazards that our infrastructure is causing.