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Remove cable and external box

Joining in

I have recently moved in to a property. 
there is an unused Virgin green box outside my house. It is rusted and damaged.

There is also an unwanted phone cable attached to my house (the internal cable has been cut). I am concerned the phone cable will come away from the house.

Can they please be removed so that I can renovate the outside of my house?


Alessandro Volta

Is the 'green box' a street cabinet out on the public pavement or something else located on your property?

VM generally declines to remove its redundant cabling from an individual customer's property unless there is some sort of H&S risk involved (trip hazard etc.).

If you are referring to an old overhead telephone cable high up on your house coming from a pole in the street that is unlikely to belong to VM.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello JonL1,

Thanks for your post and welcome to our community.

From what @golsow has advised unless this presents a trip hazard or would cause any accidents we can look at removing it or at least make sure any loose cabling is secured, buried etc.

So we can get a better understanding of this, would you please upload a few images please.