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Can't add subscriptions

Joining in

Hi I've just got the stream box today. My box has been activated. I've tried adding subscriptions but I won't let me on my account or on the stream box. Seriously considering sending this back. 


This is still broken for me. Can't access subscriptions through box or website, so looks like an account issue rather than the box. Box otherwise works ok.

After more than 5 phone calls with VM support, having to explain the problem from the start each time, I've given up. Will find a different subscription service to get the subscriptions I want. 

That’s what frustrated me the most. Every time you ring up you are essentially starting from scratch and repeat the issue yet again (and are typically told to try resetting the box yet again). Plus they promise to call back within 3-5 days and never do.

Surely virgin media should have an internal database for logging faults, which is updated when a fix is found? So whenever someone else rings with the same issue, the fix is known and can be implemented.

Im having this problem and no one from virgin seems to be able to help they keep sending out technicians and nothing can anyone help

After all my efforts to alert Virgin Media to this and provide constructive feedback, it is frustrating to hear that others are encountering the same issue. I was told that “any calls will be reviewed and pro-active training will be taken from there”. It appears that this has not happened.

.@BlueLou .@Reece_MH .@Chris_W1 as you successfully managed to resolve the issue for me, please could you post on here what the resolution was. This will help other customers to get the issue resolved more promptly. Thanks.

I have the same issue. BT Sports is working fine. The entertainment basic channels are supposed to be working and are not… when I try and watch it says please subscribe. I tried to add sky cinema and sky sports last week they have said “adding” for the past 5 days. No one as virgin media has a clue.. so poor. To be clear I have changed my mind about adding sky sports and cinema and don’t want them added but I would like the ability to add them in the future. The basic entertainment channels I am paying for but currently unable to view, BT Sports is fine. How can I get this resolved?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @MarcosG260492.

I have just replied to you on another thread.

Could you please keep to one thread regarding this so we can best help you?


Tuning in


I, too, cannot add subscriptions.

The same issues others are describing.

Suggested method in their video just isn't my experience.

Always get the 'oops' message.

Anything I try through My Virgin Media doesn't work.

(The Stream section just isn't functioning; if you can find it)

I'm directed to "chat" which is fine if you have hours to kill, and they can't help if you manage to chat with anyone.

If you're put through to Technical, just sit back and wait.... You will never get anyone to chat from technical.

If you call and manage to get through, they don't know how to help.

I've had a number of promises that they will add my subscription, but NOTHING CHANGES, even after reboots, etc.

2 days of trying and I still cannot add a subscription, even if you get someone who actively tries to help (oh yes, I've had my share of them hanging up on me).

So I can only agree with others: We are BETA testers on a new system that isn't ironed out, no-one knows about and just isn't living up to promises.

Hey-ho, same old Virgin Media! 


Nobody at VM has a clue mate. Awful company really. I am off to Sky Stream 

Good luck at Sky, Marcos, I just left them as they doubled my bill...

Sky stream works out cheaper for me. Sky’s customer service actually works. I get the bonus of sky Atlantic too. Good luck with Virgin