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Can't add subscriptions

Joining in

Hi I've just got the stream box today. My box has been activated. I've tried adding subscriptions but I won't let me on my account or on the stream box. Seriously considering sending this back. 


Hi gconn, can you give any more info on how the issue was resolved? I have the same issue.

Hi .@wileyjake, unfortunately I don't know the exact details of what action was taken to resolve the issue.  I have asked Virgin Media but received no response. .@Ashleigh_C .@BlueLou are you able to provide any further details on the fix?

The issue was resolved by the second line technical team.  It appears that the box had not been activated properly.  Looking at my account, I can see that the Stream box was essentially re-activated and I received an e-mail stating that "Stream from Virgin Media is now ready".  I suggest that you phone Virgin Media and persuade them to forward the issue straight on to technical support.  Based on my experience, I would emphasise that it is not a hardware issue (so don't send out an engineer) and re-setting the box - no matter how many times - won't work. Good Luck!

Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

if you call into Virgin Media care then please ask them to raise a ticket and the Stream hypercare team will be able to pick these up and address them.


@gconn many thanks for  the advice. A support ticket has been logged, will see what happens...

Still not working. Last week was told I would receive a call about it in 3-5 working days. Heard nothing so called again. Told it would be fixed within 3 days. Terrible customer service. Unbelievable that the fault is stopping me from buying a subscription and still not taken seriously.

.@wileyjake I agree and, having gone through the same experience, I sympathise.  The customer service - especially with regard to the Stream - is awful.  The challenge seems to be getting the right individual / team in VM to look at the issue.

I have provided clear feedback to VM that there is an issue when activating the Stream but looks like nobody listened.  I have logged two complaints and had no response to either - indeed there is apparently no record of the first complaint.

The irony is that presumably Virgin Media are also the ones who lose out here as customers are unable to subscribe to additional services and presumably this means less revenue for VM.

Good Afternoon @wileyjake and I'm sorry to hear of the issue you've been experiencing.

Once this 3 day SLA that was set has passed, please report back to us, if this continues, and we'll be best placed to look into this further.

Kindest regards,


The error still exists for others, I've been trying to resolve for 4 weeks

What did they do to fix??


No one I've spoke to at virgin has a clue

This is still happening today