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Can't add subscriptions

Joining in

Hi I've just got the stream box today. My box has been activated. I've tried adding subscriptions but I won't let me on my account or on the stream box. Seriously considering sending this back. 


Hi TeaCup, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issue with the subscription, is this regarding the stream box? 

What error are you currently getting?

Kind regards, Chris. 

Hi, given I reported this issue with Steam subscriptions back in October 2022, it is both disappointing and unacceptable that other customers are still experiencing this issue. @Chris_W1 you were involved in resolving this issue for me, why can’t the fix be posted on here, so that it can quickly be applied for others?  Why aren’t Virgin Media systems capable of recording the issue, along with the resolution, so that it is immediately available when customers report the issue?

The most frustrating aspect to hear is that the customer service when we phone in to discuss the stream box is still just as bad. I was told that changes would be made so that staff were more knowledgeable on the Stream box. This has clearly not happened.