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Can't add subscriptions

Joining in

Hi I've just got the stream box today. My box has been activated. I've tried adding subscriptions but I won't let me on my account or on the stream box. Seriously considering sending this back. 


Hi Mouldytyre, 

Thanks for joining in on this conversation, I am sorry you're also having this issue with your Stream box subscriptions 😥

Please could you reboot your Stream box to see if this rectifies the issue?

If you see any error codes on screen whilst using the stream box, I have a helpful document here which has lots of helpful info about issues with the stream box 👉 Stream Box Error Codes.



Reboot my Stream box, you say?

Sure, maybe it'll work this time, only the seventy third time I've tried that...

This is nothing to do with hardware on the stream boxes - and rebooting will do nothing. It’s a technical/IT issue at virgins end. Don’t bother rebooting. The issue is the same on the my virgin media website 

Dialled in

Hi I recently got mine today and all I done was add a subscription example entertainment pack on the stream box but left it for a few minutes and then it added itself no problem at all.

Hey supershaun, thank you for reaching out and we are glad to hear this.

If you ever need any help with it, you know where to find us. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


I have been having this same issue adding subscriptions for around a month now. Numerous calls always having to start from scratch. I don't understand why this isn't logged as a common issue so people with the same problem can be helped more easily. I have been promised help by so many different people at Virgin but nothing works. Really disappointing. 



It is extremely frustrating that other customers are still experiencing this issue.  Virgin Media - please could you show some respect for your customers and log the issue and resolution on your system, so that it can be quickly corrected for any customer who experiencing this issue.  The issue was resolved for me so you must know the solution (you've done the hard work!) so please make this fix accessible to others. Crucially your customer service staff need to be aware of this fault (and the resolution) so they can arrange for the appropriate fix and don't resort to simply asking the customer to reboot the Stream box.

When the issue was finally resolved, I received an email which stated my Stream account was now ready. The functionality to add subscriptions was then available both via my online account and via the stream box. It’s an issue with how the account has been setup and it is not a hardware issue.

Hi @jamesandsarada 👋

Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I am sorry you're having some issues adding subscriptions. 

Are you getting any error code when trying to do so?

Forum Team

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Hi Ayisha_B,

are you able to fix this issue as ‘gconn’ suggests?

Otherwise, you’re just another Virgin bod wasting all our time (I’ve given up trying to fix mine as I wasted hours and hours over many days with so many Virgin “technical experts” who just couldn’t…)

Hi there @Mouldytyre 

Thank you for popping back to us, we will do all we can as agents to help from the forums, but we do ask that you respond to the questions that we ask so we can do so.

Please do answer the questions and we will do all we can to assist.