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Can't add subscriptions

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Hi I've just got the stream box today. My box has been activated. I've tried adding subscriptions but I won't let me on my account or on the stream box. Seriously considering sending this back. 


Tuning in

Hi Ashleigh_C!

Lovely of you to pitch in!

So, ca you fix this issue for us all?

So many of us are waiting for Virgin to sort out the Stream box so users can actually use it as promised (I still cannot add any subscriptions).

Hi Ayisha,

I think the fault, error messages and solution have been well documented on this forum post. But the issue is I can't add a Disney plus subscription. When I try to activate on my virgin media and click on "Finish setting up Disney +" I get the error message "Sorry, something's gone wrong!We're having some technical issues so we can't add this right now. Please try again later."



Hi James, yes that is the exact same error message that I used to get. For me it also used to happen when trying to add any subscription including BT sports or Sky sports. Unfortunately virgin media have not posted on this forum what the solution is. Doing so would be very helpful and save customers many hours on the phone to the helpdesk.

Thanks for coming back to me @jamesandsarada 

I have checked our systems and can see you were able to speak with our team since posting and they were able to help with this. 

If you need anything else let us know 😊

Forum Team

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Hi Ayisha,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did speak with someone but no, they were unable to help me. I have an outstanding IT ticket from 18 May which no one can give me an update on. Is there any way you can add a link to this forum to my account? As @gconn as helpfully outlined the solution (thank you). I think this would help your customer service and IT colleagues fix this issue.




Finally! Got a welcome to stream email today (!) totally out-of-blue. As gconn mentioned, this heralded the stream box being able to add subscriptions. Once I got home and checked, it actually worked! No longer the “oops!” message.

So whatever Virgin did, it worked. But why did it just suddenly happen? Haven’t been in touch with their CS/technical teams for months…

Thanks for your post @Mouldytyre, and I'm pleased to hear that the Stream issue that has been advised to us is now resolved.

Do please feel free to come back to us if this issue, or any other issues with the services arise in future.

Kindest regards,



Unfortunately this issue was never resolved for me. Virgin complaints team eventually said that it was because I was on the Essential Broadband Plus package and that Disney excluded people on this package for fear they wouldn't pay! I'm not sure whether I believe this. I wondered if anyone on the same package had been able to add a Disney plus subscription?



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi jamesandsarada,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Many apologies for the issues faced, can I ask regarding this do you have a stream box attached to the package?

As usually the essential package would be given at the price offered.



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I am having the same issue since I agreed to re-contract with Gig1 broadband with the Stream box added. The box was installed on July 11th, but I am getting that 'technical glitch' message on-screen when I am trying to add new channels.

Everyone and anyone in customer services seems to have no clue about the actual situation on my account. I was told the order was still open, and was due to be closed yesterday at 8:15 PM. My online account is not showing any signs of this upgrade being processed.

I have had numerous back and forth conversations over the past 5 days to understand what is going on, and when it will be resolved. Surely, it should be in VM's interest to allow customers to add subscriptions on as soon as they have access?

I've logged an official complaint as a long-term VM customer that has had no issues with the actual service provided to me - it is when you need help and a proper explanation is where it falls down. 

As someone that works and provides similar services in another industry, no-one should be waiting hours on end on time-delayed chat to only speak to someone that has no idea what to do with your question. And it is not their fault, if they don't get the tools or training to deal with something that customers are facing. 

I am sitting on this time-delayed chat as I write this - until I found this forum and the same issue being raised. As a customer, why should I have to do that? 

I also did a test, and found that there are live agents waiting to speak and sign up NEW customers but existing customers are not important. Those are the customers that are keeping VM in business so we deserve a little respect and help when we need it.

I'll be following up on my official complaint when VM finds time to get back to me on it.