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Install + Account Questions

Tuning in

Hi, I registered to join Virgin back in November 2023, there were some issues and the install had to be cancelled. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I tried the sign up again, this time over the phone. Everything went through fine and I've had several people out to the property to replace nodes and cables on the outside of the property and the street but no activation date through.

The account I created back in November seems to be linked to the new account number but is still showing contract information from back in November are no new details are displayed. I'm worried I might miss anyone coming out to the house for an internal install.

Is anyone able to help?

Kind Regards



Tuning in

Have I posted in the wrong channel? Is anyone from Virgin able to help?

Hi @bottlemonk 

Welcome back to the community forums 

Sorry to hear of your confusions with your install and information on your account. 

Did you use the same email to register your online account? You should have received another account number with this install from the one previously in 2023 that was cancelled. 

Can you see what happens please when you try and register for your online account here with the new account number you would have received.

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Tuning in

Hi Carley, I clicked on the link you provided and tried to register again using the same email address I did last time, it tells me there is already an account and to login. I logged in and the old account number is still showing.

I clicked on the register with a different account, typed in my last name, the new account number and the area code. It then informed me the account was already registered to my email address and log in. I logged in and it shows the old account 🙂 

Its almost as though the old account wasnt cleared from the system and has blocked the new one from pulling through.

Thank you for looking into it. Its very much appreciated. 

Thank you for trying this @bottlemonk and we are so sorry that this has not worked for you. I will pop you a private message across and we can take a closer look into this there and see what we can arrange. 

I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.