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SCAM CALLS ever since moving to O2 network!!!

On our wavelength

In all my many many years of owning a mobile phone, I've been very careful with my phone number and I've NEVER had any SCAM calls. The very DAY, we were sold off to O2 I start to get SCAM calls from Manchester pretty much every other day from a Manchester number. Coincidence? 😡


Thanks for the update @DeeEmm on the forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear you are planning to leave. 😞
May I ask what the numbers are that the scammers are calling from and what are they claiming on the calls when they ring you?
Have you signed up for any sites where your number has been used?

Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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I too have been receiving scam calls since the first week that Virgin transferred me to O2. Like others I rarely received scam calls while Virgin managed my contract. It’s obvious that our data doesn’t appear safe with O2 and it’s really annoying to deal with these ongoing calls. I’ll look to change contracts next year even if it’s more costly.  Also during the transfer my previous surname is appearing on my O2 account which was updated with virgin several years ago. O2 very unhelpful and sent me on a wild goose chase to update my details by telling me a branch could update if I brought in my documents. Instead they said can’t help and gave me a form to use and send in with scans. And they weren’t interested in scam calls. Rubbish introduction to O2 and doesn’t reflect well in on virgin either. 

Thanks for the reply @JAH2 on the forums.

May I ask if you've managed to speak with O2 regarding this?
If so, may I ask what they have advised?

Let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Yes I rang them as I was concerned about the number of scam calls. However I didn’t get past security as they said my name didn’t match. Obviously I was thinking that scammers had got access to my account but the o2 person managed to reassure me that they thought problem was administrative rather than scammer and advised I go into any o2 branch with my identity papers (even though my identity was fine with virgin).they said they couldn’t make a note of my telecon as I hadn’t passed the name security checks ….Afterwards I spotted the data between virgin and o2 must have got mixed up because my transfer information used my old email address and a mix of my current and previous surname! Anyway I got my documents and went to local o2 who said they couldn’t change my name in account and sent me home with a change of name form and told me to email it with scans of my documents which I will do shortly. When at the branch I told them about the scam tel calls and got little reaction. I showed them my o2 and virgin apps/emails showing the errors but they told me o2 customer service misinformed me when saying they could help. I said not great intro to o2. I was happy with my previous contract . The inconvenience since the transfer outweighs any added benefits and I look forward to moving to new provider next year. 

I do appreciate your frustration with that. At this point we would advise contacting back into O2 so they can look over this again. 


They are claiming to be o2 and acknowledging my bill is too high so am I interested in discount usually around 40%. I know they are scams so started chatting for fun but don’t pass on any of my details or security codes then then tell them I know they are scammers etc. They end call. I block telephone no after call. Nos have included 0118 218 0166, 0300 123 2323, 020 4536 5350, 020 3410 4682

Hi JAH2,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, we appreciate Scam calls are becoming more and more frequent and are very frustration, you can find out more around dealing with these here.



Joining in

I am the same, I have had my number with Virgin for years with no problems.  I have has 3 spam calls this morning, I am getting fed up with blocking numbers. 


Hi BeckyAP,

Welcome to the Community Forums. 

I'm very sorry to hear you've also been receiving scam calls after your migration.  We know these calls can be concerning and very frustrating. 

You can report scam calls by texting 'CALL' to 7726 - O2 will respond by asking for the number calling you. Please don't answer the call/call the number back. You might want to block the number by using the settings on your phone.

Kind regards,


I have also been subject to this personally. I was one of the first to move over in I think late may early June. I have been with Virgin for years and honestly can not remember getting more than a few random calls. Almost immediately after switching to O2 I started receiving these scam calls and they vary from 5-7 a day to one every few days. They are very concerning. This has also now happening to my wife now her number has migrated across. After speaking to a friend he has also seen the same issue. This is ridiculous. I think Vergin media and or O2 need to investigate the possibility that have been hacked or have released our details to scammers.