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Installation Woes

Joining in

Hi all,

I've seen several posts on here regarding installation issues and delays - do the troubles ever end?

- I'm on my 7th scheduled installation appointment now. Order placed in March.
- Each time I have contacted the team, the "pre pulling work is being completed today".
- My last appointment which was cancelled wasn't for installation apparently. It was for a field survey (which was told happened in March) despite having messages from VM stating its for install.

The whole thing is going round in circles. Does anyone at VM actually know what's going on? I'd heard bad things about initial install, but didn't expect this.

Customer Service are argumentative, failing to recognise previous conversations happened, despite having a copy of the chat.

Been without internet at our property for over 4 months now, with no end in sight. Meanwhile, BT are installing their FFTP across the town and just powering through.

Sigh. Please, someone, tell me it gets better.


Alessandro Volta

Sorry to say but your experience is 'business as usual' in the (non)-installation topics which appear on here. I have just made this reply this morning to a similar topic

Unfortunately so!

Just wanted some reassurance that there was an end to all these shenanigans..


There will certainly be an end at some point. Unfortunately no one at VM will be able to tell you what kind of an end it will be nor when it will happen!

I can, however, confirm that the BT FTTP service is very good indeed. A far superior quality of connection to anything I ever had with VM. You could maybe see if you can get any idea on timescales for that being available to you then factor in how long a wait VM is worth.

It's certainly something to consider - I've heard good things all round about BT FTTP.

Well looking at the rates of compensation, the wait for VM is becoming worth it on a financial perspective at least..

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Sincere apologies for the delays with getting installed InstallRant,

Welcome to the community. 

Can I ask regarding this matter, has our team gave a reason for such a delay on the pre pull?

Let us know,



I was told that it hadn't been booked, even though the colleague at the time (in July) stated it was going ahead that very day. The colleague I spoke to last week denied all knowledge of the previous conversation, despite having it in writing from yourselves.

Hi @InstallRant, thank you for your response.

When did you last speak to the pre-installation team and did they make you aware of an actual installation date that's scheduled? 



Hi Daniel,

I spoke to the team last Saturday via phone to confirm the appointment for the 13th of this month. Prior to that, I spoke to the team on the 17th August who gave this date initially.

Contact with Virgin regarding dates has been consistent, however each time I'm promised it will be actually done on the given date.

Still waiting for the line / brown box to be installed at the property, so I'm not holding out any hope for next week either!

I guess I'll get another date for October which will be subsequently cancelled ..

As expected - appointment cancelled again, now mid October. 8th time lucky, right?